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Author Topic: Community Mods and Utilities v0.28.181.40d and below.  (Read 13899 times)


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Community Mods and Utilities v0.28.181.40d and below.
« on: March 28, 2010, 08:38:21 pm »

This is the archive of old mods for dwarf fortress.   They for the most part will not work with the new version.  Many may have the old version and the new version available so be careful when choosing mods.

Tutorials: If your having any problems overcoming the steep learning curve of dwarf fortress these are the things to check out.

The Complete and Utter Newby Tutorial for Dwarf Fortress If you are completely mystified by dwarf fortress, start here =)
Dwarf Fortress Wiki This is an excellent source of information on dwarf fortress, and has tutorial pages devoted to all levels of player.
Dwarf fortress video tutorialsThese are videos created to help instruct new players on care and feeding of a fortress.

Essential Utilities: These utilities take some of the repetition out of many of the common tasks, or can be used to repair things when they break

Dwarf Fortress Tweak You can change edit most of the things in DF with this
Dwarf Manager This allows you to quickly edit your dwarves jobs
Dtil Eliminates the autopause while digging!!!! Other fun uses include being able to transmute Microline to Adamantium, or if you just prefer to not have it discolor your walls you can transmute any vein to any other type of rock. *including sands*  If you want to conserve your feeling of smug superiority but lack the ability to build lava proof mechanisms, you can transmute native aluminum to bauxite.
Dwarf Therapist This is a program similar to dwarf manager,  It  has a couple different features AND it is coded in C++.

Dwarf Fortress Mods: These change Dwarf fortress and alter its balance sometimes adding new abilities and items into the game.

Melt That stone This is a mod I made. It allows you to melt any stone you don't like to get rid of it.
Legendary Lands This mod adds a significant amount of difficulty and a bunch of new races.  It also changes the balance of the game.
Glass Fort This mod allows glass as a flux and things like glass beds
Orcs Adds Orc's to dwarf fortress.
Extreme cat mod Adds a bunch of new cats
Boksi's plant mod Adds many unique plants to Dwarf fortress, possibly out of date.
MOAR MEGABEASTZ! New megabeasts for your dwarf terrorizing pleasure
Primative Civs Adds in ten new primitive beastman civs to the world
-Orichalcum mod- v1 This mod appears to be going well and adds in several new races and a bunch of new and interesting plants
Sage Vs. Sodom Changes some of the races and gives some of them off color items.
Obsidian mod This mod allows you to use obsidian for a host of new uses.
Hobbit Mod
Trade With Dwarves This mod allows you to trade with dwarves if you are playing another race.
Molten Rocks This mod gives realistic melting points to stones, making many magma safe.
Training Weapons Makes weapons that you can train with that will not kill other dwarves.
Metal Mod (as per the mods creator) It allows anyone to easily and quickly chage the amount of metal generated by any reaction. It also allows anyone to turn ANY stone into ANY metal with the reaction as all metal tags (and the need for them) have been removed.
IT mod -clowns Evil Clown mod.
Assorted Silliness Mod If you do it for the lolz, this mod is for you!
Hobbit Mod Lets you play as hobbits
Rise of the Dracans v1.0 Adds a new race called the Dracans, and adds new metals and other things.
A Better Goblin Mod Adds different flavors of goblins to the game. Some don't drop crap when they die, others are tougher than the toughest megabeasts.
Ice Mod Allows ice (water) to be smelted into a stone (for crafts and construction) and a bar (for furniture, armor, weapons, etc), and has a reaction for ice beds.
Soil is fun mod Adds several realistic changes to the soil layers, including the use of peat as fuel.
The Wonderment Mod The Wonderment Mod makes changes to minerals, metals, and gems to focus on the partially medieval, partially fantasy setting that most of us feel is appropriate for dwarves.
Raptor Mod Appears to be raptors which shred dwarfs.
Dwarvemon Umm... Some horror mod with insidious creatures. The most horrific being the pikachu.
Relentless Assault Adds a number of new enemies.  Attackers are weak early on but advance rapidly.
MESOZOIC DWARVES Dwarfs and Dinosaurs... What could go wrong?
Metal Mod Add's "realistic" amounts of metal from each ore reaction.
Haspen's Little Mod Looks like he made a mod for the same reason I piped magma and water all around in my fort... Cause he was bored. =) Seriously though.. new metals, new races. All good stuff.
Immortal Dragons Mod Do you like dragons? Do you like mass death? Do you hate to see dwarves not on fire? This could be your favorite mod then.
Moogle mod Apparently it adds Moogles which I believe are from the final fantasy series of games.

Major Mods: These Change a host of aspects while still keeping core gameplay intact

Dark Dwarves This mod allows you to play as dark dwarves. Along with a slew of additions and enhancements to dwarf fortress. 
Lego Mod A mod adding materials, creatures, and civilizations themed around LEGOs.
Civilization Forge Mod Adds in many new elements (races, items, metals, plants, etc) and rebalances the game a bit
Civilization Forge: Frost Giant Citadel Version 1.8 of the CivForge mod that has been changed so that the playable civ is Frost Giants instead of Dwarves
Civilization Forge: Unleashed A harder version of civ forge.
DF Genesis 1) biome-specific subraces for the human race; 2) new various creatures to kill; 3) various item types for races 4) bandits and skulking lizardmen
Kobold Camp A challenging mod that allows you to play as the skulking thief's
Mouse fortress Changes your dwarves to mice, and apparently everything wants to eat you.
Dig Deeper The mod aims to expand upon vanilla game-play and make things more challenging in general.

Dwarf Fortress Graphics packs: These change the tilesets and the graphics of the game.

Mayday Graphics pack This pack contains shiny nice graphics for dwarf fortress if you are into that
RantingRodent's Graphical Overhaul A tileset that is getting rave reviews.
Dwarfletter Gothic Tileset "Dwarfletter is a tileset  incorporating a clean, Dwarvenly styled typeface.  It comes in a variety of flavors, including angular, round, and square walls, plus a vanilla-compatible version that is the whole of 437 done in the appropriate style "

Total Conversion mods: These can convert the entire dwarf fortress play experience into something else

Fallout Mod This mod brings the fallout universe to dwarf fortress
Zombie Mod Play as the survivors of the zombie Apocalypse
The Elder Scrolls Mod
Age of Shadows
40k Fortress
Samurai Fortress Samurai Fortress aims to be a total conversion mod of DF, turning it into a mythical age of Japan.
Avernum Based on Avernum game series.
Dwemer Fortress (The Elder Scrolls) The 2nd TES based total conversion, which is acceptable, play morrowind, and you will understand why.  The mod also looks well done. You will get to play as the Dwemer, who if you play morrowind are the race of dwarves that mysteriously vanish.

Modding Utilities: These are tools that help with modding your fortress.

This is the modding guide on the Dwarf Fortress wiki, which may be helpful.
Notepad++ syntax highlighting for DF raws This makes modding a little clearer
World Gen log parser v1.3: Perl utility script to help make sense of all of your civs, sites, and populations. Very handy for watching how your civ changes effect world gen.
Executable version of the log parser. Janus made this for people who don't want to much with Perl.
DF Word Generator v1 Perl script to build new language files. Obviously quite useful for anyone who wants custom languages for new civs. You will need to be able to run perl to use this, since you change the actual script for each civ.
Regen or Not? This is a simple thread that tells you what changes require a world regeneration.
DwarfHeightmap This is allows you to directly set many of the starting parameters of your lands using images as height maps and temperature maps. Very powerful and intuitive.
Urist McModder
Dwarf Temp Tool This tool allows you to convert Kelvin, Fahrenheit and even the Celsius temperature scale to the dwarf fortress units of temperature.
Raw File editor Adds a nice GUI when mucking with raw files, rather than just using notepad.

Miscellaneous mods and utilities: These do not fit neatly into other categories, if they become numerous I will make new sections for them.

Modbase Supposedly simplifies the install of mods to your game, some users reported it unstable so make a backup before you use it.
Lifevis This utility allows you to see your fortress in three dimensions. Can make external constructions look awesome
Sean Mirrsen's compiled modpack includes Martial Arts and Minerals mods, plus others
Visual Fortress
Embark anywhere In my humble opinion this should be named "disembark anywhere"... or "embark to anywhere"... but anyhow, it allows you to start your fortress in areas not normally allowed.
Stonesense - The isometric visualizer Makes for really nice visualization.
DFHack Looks like it is an attempt to make cross platform memory hacking. Still in very early stages.
Remote DF View A remote controller for Dwarf fortress, Still in early stages.
DF Designer Allows you to plan your fort outside of dwarf fortress.
Spellcraft Is Reborn! An external utility which hacks in some *admittedly highly original* spell ideas.
Quickfort A template based construction tool for Dwarf Fortress. Very quick =)
Carriontrooper's DF Mega Mix A big ass pile of mods piled into one massive mod. Don't know how well it works or anything but looks interesting.
Dwarf Companion This program allows for various values in dwarf fortress to be directly edited.  It is VERY rough around the edges and frequently crashes and displays wrong data, but still can be carefully used to fix and improve some things inside DF.
Slavery enhancer 4*pi This program allows various other races to be drafted into the military and to become haulers.
History/World to XML converter  It takes the current world history/site and population files and converts them to an XML format

Mod submissions for v0.28.181.40d and below are closed.

If you would like to submit a mod for the new version do it on the link here ->

Mods and the best utilities for dwarf fortress
Community Mods and utilities thread.