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Author Topic: Orders to Station extends across time [read: saves]  (Read 1499 times)


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Orders to Station extends across time [read: saves]
« on: August 06, 2010, 05:45:49 pm »

So, this is pretty obviously a bug and probably has something to do with what sort of information the game clears when saving/loading forts.  I would have posted this to the bug section, mostly because I wanted to post for discussion rather than reporting, because I'm not sure I have enough information to file a report about it. However, since the tracker section is locked to new posts (though not replies) I opted to post here.

The set up: Playing Civ Forge 2.22, things going more or less fine. I've scummed a couple times because it's taking me a while to get used to the more dangerous creatures like chaos dwarves, who evade traps. Anyway, I eventually organized a single squad which I used in an attempt to fend off about the 7 groups of ambushers that decimated the incoming caravans from various civilizations. As the battle goes on it is obvious that all is lost and I'd have to either abandon or scum. So I scum, only instead of terminating the process as I usually do (because I normally go back to the current save rather than a previous autosave), I saved the fort and loaded the autosave made at the previous season switch.

The "payoff": What curious happenstance is this, five of the dwarves who I organized into the squad above (the only five that currently exist, as the other five in the squad were migrants that appeared after this autosave) switched into military mode and shuffled on over to the point where I had stationed the squad in the previous save. The kicker is, this squad shouldn't exist - it was only formed after this autosave. Indeed, this squad isn't even listed in my Squads menu, so I can't tell them to cancel their orders. Conversely, the squad leader in the more advanced save is still listed as belonging to this squad in the old autosave.

Teal deer: Squads ordered to a station are maintained even after having saved the fort and loading the same fort in a completely different and previous autosave. Presumably those squad orders are actually saved regardless of whether the loaded fort is related to the saved one or not, it is just that you don't notice because no dwarf in the unrelated fort could possibly belong to the squad assigned the orders. Presumably the squad orders (or the orders to the individual dwarves, at least) are not being cleared properly when saving/quitting the fort.

Has anyone else noticed this thing happening? I didn't see any reports about it on the tracker; I'm reticent about opening a new report since I'm not sure if it is just some weird fluke or what.