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Author Topic: Put used cloth/thread directly back into hospital  (Read 2362 times)


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Put used cloth/thread directly back into hospital
« on: August 07, 2011, 01:37:12 am »

I've got bunches of thread and cloth available in my cloth stockpile, but none of it is usable. I've got a dwarf in a fey mood who can't use any of my stocks, and I can't make any rope or clothing. This is because every unit of thread and cloth has made its way through the hospital system and had pieces cut off for medical use. Unfortunately, non-medical dwarves turn up their noses at using scraps -- as they should, because a scrap may not be enough.

Currently, when a medical dwarf uses cloth for a bandage, he takes it from the hospital coffer, cuts off some of it, and then puts it back -- not into the coffer where he got it, but into a cloth stockpile outside the hospital. Meanwhile, someone else notices a free space in the hospital coffer and fills it with -- you guessed it -- pristine cloth from the same stockpile. Eventually, all cloth and all thread items will be suitable only for hospital use.

My suggestion to deal with this is threefold:
  • put thread/cloth straight back into the container when done doctoring
  • count thread/cloth in use by a doctor as part of hospital stocks
  • display thread/cloth count when viewing an item of thread/cloth