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Author Topic: The Bay 12 Games Report, January 1st, 2012  (Read 33049 times)

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The Bay 12 Games Report, January 1st, 2012
« on: January 01, 2012, 08:47:41 pm »

The Bay 12 Games Report, January 1st, 2012

Mission Status

So ends another year of success and generosity.  Even though thus far most forward progress has been beneath the surface, enough of the users have been aware enough to perceive how immense the rewards are to come.  This new year promises to start off with a bang!  New night creatures, cities, and magic, followed by a new attack on the peskiest of bugs.  Beyond that there are no limits.

Congratulations to the generous, and a happy New Year!

Fun with Numbers

Thanks for another great December, a great year and for your patience as we approach the release of the next version of Dwarf Fortress.  The absolute best case would be getting it up on January 15th.  Standing in the way of that we have the list reduced from last month:  five quest issues, around thirty miscellaneous issues, map maintenance, optimization of the new stuff, sponsorship critters and incorporation of Baughn's fixes to the SDL stuff.  The map maintenance, optimization, and sponsorship stuff have the highest chance of bogging me down, and each of those three could add a week a piece, say, which would put us just into February.  In either case, we'll have a release up before long, and you will get to run around town and have your dwarves tormented by the undead.

December:  $5468.33
November:  $3199.46
October:   $2503.28
September: $2793.95
August:    $4818.25
July:      $6615.67
June:      $2374.03
May:       $3010.58
April:     $3018.42
March:     $4220.20
February:  $2113.11
January:   $2158.91

2011:     $42294.19
2010:     $54501.15
2009:     $32516.44
2008:     $32318.46
2007:     $19052.28

Reward reminder:  If you support us, you can pick either a Story Reward or a Crayon/Colored Pencil Art Reward.  A Story Reward is basically a mini-Threetoe story (examples) and a Crayon Art Reward is a crudely drawn scene which we sketch, color in, and mail to you, anywhere in the world (assuming your contribution covers postage, which is about a dollar almost wherever you are).  We take personal requests for either reward as well, he he he.  You can also be listed among the Bay 12 Champions.
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