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Author Topic: CUDDLES Pack (for Linux)  (Read 4478 times)


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CUDDLES Pack (for Linux)
« on: August 13, 2014, 08:54:40 pm »

Couchmoster's Unified Download DF Linux Easy Script Pack - CUDDLES Pack

Current version: 1.1 Outdated

Isn't it annoying to search for all the stuff you need to play DF?
Don't you hate it when something is missing?
Why bother searching it yourself when a neat script can do it?!
As a project to practice bash coding in linux I made this little handy script.
Feel free to use it, but please keep the comment that it is initially created by me (yes I like it!)

This script assembles all you need to play DF on Linux:

DF (with Phoebus)
DT (with current memory layout)

This script relies on the work of others!
It uses simple linux tools like wget, grep, rsync to find and download current versions of programs others created!
I only take credit for the script to assemble and process those!

1. Copy spoiler code content into file (e.g. and move it to the folder you define as INSTALL_DIR (default: "$HOME"/games/dwarf-fortress)
2. Make it executeable
3. Run it! (e.g. ./

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
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