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Author Topic: Minecraft WW1 | Join Mother Russia! [Towny][Crackshot+][Cannons]  (Read 1470 times)


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Minecraft WW1 | Join Mother Russia! [Towny][Crackshot+][Cannons]
« on: November 01, 2017, 04:53:57 pm »

Spoiler: part of map (click to show/hide)


In about a week thru early December an iterative historical warfare and politics server, known as int\pires, is going to run a World War 1 iteration.  Crackshot+ will be used to add planes, special trains, and various firearms to the mix.  Cannons provide both AA guns and horribly destructive artillery (although you do not need to fear for the loss of your constructions), and a hand crafted real world map of Europe and North Africa grants a high level of immersion (there are not hostile mobs).

I am the Tsar, and Bay12 is called upon to help fill the Tsar's ranks with soldiers, builders, scholar, architects, diplomats, bombardiers, and engineers.  We have a planned empire and an ambitious national rail project, but there is always room for hermitages and simple lives of docility.

The server's first week will be a grace period without war-fighting (though pVp will come on during it your Towny claims will be inviolable), before being plunged into a bloodbath for the next several weeks where we will decide who shall rule and who shall kneel amidst the Crowned Heads of Europe.

I then asked a porcupine about its troubles and the game crashed.

Motherland Calling: Tsar Needs Block Breakers