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Author Topic: [0.34.11] A Nostalgic Trip Through HorrorFailed - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?  (Read 5380 times)


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The military operations are ended with success. Only one goblin manages to survive, by running away:

None of the bearded idiots have gotten in the depot. The call was around since at least the 20th of Felsite.

5th Hematite Finally, a random beard gets around to it. Unfortunately, elves have resumed their terrible habit of crap-tastic products, and the only things I could buy were a handful of rope reed threads, and a pair of shoes that I noticed at the end.

17th Hematite. The mayor has been changed, once again. The new winner of the election is a farmhand, who likes backpacks, and is one of the reasons for our ongoing catsplosion:
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Her election comes with good news for one random, unidentified dwarf in the fort - it cancelled the previous mayorís mandate of 3 animal traps. This means nobody will be condemned for missing that cretinous mandate that I had zero intention of ever meeting. Not that backpacks are any better, given our military isnít allowed any food, but leather is more plentiful... and who knows? If a large enough stockpile of (presumably unsellable) backpacks is accumulated, I might enable food on a squad, just to check if food in backpacks ever rots.

8th Malachite 507 A momentous event has happened in HorrorFailed: we have a single, solitary shell! Oh and also, the Forgotten Beast, Gugo Lungo On, is dead. You can see it as the scattering of white body parts:

This used to be that forgotten beast made of water. As expected, it was one-shotted by a random dwarf, and immediately exploded into body parts; one of them is its shell.
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Until and unless another shell-bearing creature sets foot on the map and is killed, this is literally the only shell that can be obtained inside the fort.

11th. The only cave critter that may pose a danger to dwarves is a giant olm, which seems content swimming around in the lake near the entrance:

The marksdwarves remain stationed in the dug-out alcove, as an overwatch to the workers who'll be soon allowed in. I also activate the nearest garbabe dump; it's right next to the hatch. That dump was created all the way in the second year, when the first foray in the caves was made.

A small change was made to the upper level: I recalled there were 4 tiles of outdoor space; it's set to rope reeds in perpetuity.

24th Migrants have appeared. I got me a new laptop, at long last! The popcap was set to 150, with 20 children max.

Back to the map, our poor migrants have enormously bad luck - they pop up literally on the other side of the map, on the goop, and right next to a zombie owl; this owl scares them and scatters them all over the map. For starters, they go south, which is actually pretty good.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

A random marksdwarf has also spawned, and shot the owl.

Despite the unfortunate beginning, all 9 migrants make it into the fort. Two of them have some notable military skills, but the rest are quite useless in terms of skills. The silver lining is that they also have no major mental issues, so they could be drafted.

With the migrants secured, a bit of roofing is done. A zombie harpy tries to interrupt the proceedings, and was finished off by the marksdwarves.

15th. The human caravan has arrived. They'll be ignored for now, because construction still continues, and has attracted a kobold thief who's more competent than the dead ones - no bolts have touched it so far and all the workers are distracted. To top it off, a herd of zombie muskoxen has found their way in, spawning in the south-western corner of the map and shamble east-ward, directly towards the workers.
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