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Author Topic: Mandates and blame  (Read 890 times)


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Mandates and blame
« on: October 16, 2008, 11:21:00 am »

I think there are some cases where blame is arbitrarily assigned in order to make sure it's not a noble that gets punished - why should the haulers take the heat for violating an export ban? It should be the trader, but the problem with that is the trader may be the broker, which means you've got one noble pissed off at another noble instead of being able to just have the peasant hauler get thrown in jail or hammered. When really there should be a mechanic for infighting between nobles, and that happens if it's the broker (or if the broker considers the trade to have been a good one, they may step in to protect the trader and draw the other noble's anger in that way)

Similar principles could be applied to production order mandates