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Author Topic: MATRIX6- Magic Tric Newbie Mafia 4/9 [Eruption: Fallacy of Logic- Hackers Win]  (Read 10941 times)


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@Magma: Dunno if I posted this, but I thought you were second to Toonyman in experience:

Honestly, I think Toonyman's read on Hedgerow is wrong because they're so far above them in skill, they've forgotten what lousy play is really like.  I recall making Hedgerow's mistakes recently.  I got misread by Toonyman recently.  Hence, my defense of Hedgerow

Experience/skill rankings
Our Veteran, Our Champion: ToonyMan
Magma Mater - I get a strong experience vibe from them, probably plays mafia elsewhere
Roden - General posts and demeanor indicate a semi-experienced mafia player, maybe more in real life than on forums
FallacyofUrist - Certainly has played their fair share, but still no expert
BluarianKnight - World Renown Expert on Scum play, has little Town experience
Rolan7 - Nulli-San
prefuzek - Flails about, but getting into the grove
EuchreJack - Game 4?  And if I don't get NK'd, I might even see Day 2 for once!
Hedgerow - I honestly believe this is their first game.  Maybe played once or twice live action mafia in High School/Elementary School/Summer Camp. Trying to play based upon mafia-wiki and literally nothing else.

Well, I was secretly betting that Toony was the impostor.

That's cool.  Wouldn't have suspected the posters who barely post were the mafiahackers; should've seen that coming.
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Has to get to Snickers.  Confirmed: cannot see Snickers.


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Fallacy was playing almost identical to that in magic mafia, i.e. insanely passive. But I agree, even if he was lynched first, magma seemed almost obvtown and jack would still have been voted out most likely. Also this game reminds me of skynet's seduction and I wish I'd done better.
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