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Author Topic: Mafia Championships 2020  (Read 3797 times)


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Re: Mafia Championships 2020
« Reply #15 on: May 27, 2020, 05:06:54 am »

Quote from: ICT
Apparently the Exalt lynch is considered weird, but here's why I went for it. I did consider the him to be somewhat towny, but I noted that the anger and aggressive play wasn't bringing in useful results. On my home site, aggression in itself is considered NAI. I've even faked anger and a table-flip myself as scum, (though I got a lot of flak for it at the time), so I didn't consider it outside the realm of possibility that it was a case of scum faking anger in order to get an excuse for tunneling and ineffective scumhunting. I also noted that several players I had town reads on had expressed willingness to lynch Exalt, so I saw an opportunity to lynch the "deepwolf". Add to this my mental state at the time, and I went for it.
This makes sense. I was thinking "why would town!ICT ever go after Exalt, especially when he's seen both sides of my meta would be able to see that it's a town run", but if you don't have the time and space to really break it down and look into Exalt and account for site/culture differences, it's really easy to see an aggressive blustering town display like that coupled with WIFOM which doesn't go anywhere and think that it's just scum putting on a show.
It's an aside, but the way Exalt plays on his homesite really reminds me of webadict. He's got a join date in 2004 over there, which I guess explains a lot. Too bad SSCUTW is full to the brim of phoneposters.
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