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Author Topic: [UNRELEASED] Dwarf Fortress: Rebuilt [0.40.x]  (Read 7303 times)


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[UNRELEASED] Dwarf Fortress: Rebuilt [0.40.x]
« on: January 24, 2015, 05:19:55 pm »

The mod isn't quite finished, but I'm simply splitting with the lore.
The lore is massive, so it is spoilered.

Spoiler: Lore (click to show/hide)

Dwarf Fortress: Rebuilt is a sort of reconstruction of Dwarf Fortress. Some things in the raws are carried over, but most are being reinvented.
The base for it is being constructed, but is almost complete, with only a few item folders, a few necessary plant types, and most animal types remaining.

(I really hope unreleased mods can be posted here - it should be released in a week or so)