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Author Topic: Glazebeard: Long live the Queen!  (Read 4918 times)


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Re: Glazebeard: Long live the Queen!
« Reply #30 on: June 27, 2015, 05:56:29 pm »

Oh boy, first goblin invasion! Good sign of growth, great source of death and despair fun, and good test for your military strength. Glazebeard has been surprisingly tense.


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Re: Glazebeard: Long live the Queen!
« Reply #31 on: June 30, 2015, 03:41:41 am »

   "The dread goblin menace claimed the life of our king, now they strike at the home of our queen!
Get everyone inside! Watch them closely and be ready to raise the drawbridge! Get the military
moving! Move it everyone!" Erith's panicked shouts echoed off the fortress walls and were relayed through
the forest. Dwarves began to stream in, hauling what lumber and plants they could. Erith ran on to the
drawbrige as the goblins began to emerge from the trees.
   There were ten in all, armed and armoured. The lashers carried whips of solid metal, which filled the air with
thunder as they broke the air. Around then gathered spears and swords, with an archer and crossbow further behind. In
total ten soldiers, their green skin camoflauging themselves, their armour glinting in small patches of sunlight. They
chattered in their guttural tongue, punctuated by the whip's booming. Erith ran for the fort as the militia poured out
and the drawbridge snapped up with thunder of its own. The dwarves called it "Saziramud".
   "There's ten of them. Armed," he glanced at the cloth the recruits wore, "and armoured. Where is the queen?!"
   "In her room." one of the wrestlers shouted back.
   "Damn it!" Erith swore, taking the shortcut through the trade depot, "The bride will be dropping soon! This is no time
for sleep!"
   Aban Uzolam gripped her copper short sword tightly, her fingers twitching. She'd never cut goblin flesh before,. only ever
animals. What would it feel like? Would they die with the same vital places? Could she do it cleanly? Would it hurt? She'd
only been hurt fists and blades before, but the lasher's whips were an unfamiliar weapon, their booming now thankfully dulled
by the drawbridge. She looked at her fellow recruits, all of them having never had battle beyond their sparring, which they kept
having to balance with their hauling jobs. They all had resolved to quit if they made it through this thing alive and now faced
the drawbridge, the booming of the whips moving to the north. A squeal rang out as a crossbow bolt pierced a pig's hide, and the
drawbridge slammed down, the saziramud echoing off the frozen river.
   A fresh marksdwarf named Erith Minedmason was the first onto the drawbridge, and took an iron bolt to the ankle for his
trouble before he was kicked back to the ground, one of the wrestlers charged forward, a copper whip lashing out and striking his
head, splitting his skull for a second strike  to flay his brain. A fat goblin wielding two spears, one of silver and one of iron,
advanced across the bridge, splitting Erin's skull as he passed. He turned and grinned at the remaining dwarves and grinned,
pointing his iron spear at them. Tob the wrestler was the first to reach him, an iron spear taking her in the thigh. She drew her
mace to block the pike of a second goblin, but in doing so didn't see the silver spear coming. They stabbed twice more before the
copper whip split her brain.
   Aban's vision swam as more dwarves dropped beside her. The silver spear was killing dwarves in flashes. A goblin lasher
loomed before her, the iron a black snake in the air. Aban struck against the chainmail shirt, ducking as iron swung overhead. She
drove her dagger down into the goblin's right foot, which screamed curses as it fell. It's whip sang from the ground and missed Aban,
and she mashed the goblin's hip with a punch. He screamed as he fell unconscious, the pain overwhelming him. In a haze Aban lodged
her sword in the pikegoblin's leg as a second punch shatters the lasher's hipbone completely. Ducking beneath a mace she turned
her attention to the lasher's face, and with a solid punch causes the head to explode with a BANG. Her head was completely cool, bits
of goblin brain dripping down her face. The world moving in slow motion, she pounded the goblins with her fists, dodging cracking
whips and thudding maces. She shrugged off a tackle and retrieved her sword to block a mace and cleave apart it's wielder's foot.
She continued to dodge seemingly without looking as she drove her sword into the already ruined foot. The entranced dwarf bit down
on the goblin's leg and driving her copper shortsword his chest. She stood up and lifted the goblin into the air, shaking him as
she dodged an iron bolt , twisted to deflect the Lasher's whip and sliced off the Goblin Spearman's foot. Her stab at
the Lasher's leg was deflected by the spider silk cloak, and the spearman charged Aban, the pair tangling and rolling.
The Goblin struck down with his spear but failed to connect as Aban twisted free, rising and stabbing through the cloaked
goblin's hood. The goblin's arm struck down with the spear's pommel, but Aban dodged and severed the Goblin's left hand, then
shortened the arm to the elbow. He stepped to the left to dodge the whip and spear and smashing the lasher's right arm
with a punch, his sword severing the hand of the spearman. His left hand comes around and decks the goblin in the face.
The goblin glares at Aban as the trance ends, a look of horror creeping across his face.
   His shield caught the dwarf's next blow. The dwarf was slower than before, and the spearman pressed the attack
fearlessly, his iron spear piercing the dwarf's side and sticking in the kidneys before ripping it out and stabbing the
dwarf in the throat. There was a clatter of copper on wood as the dwarf dropped his sword and went to his knees. Aban starts
laughing at the noise, blood foaming from his mouth. He laughed as the spear pierced his body again and again, only falling
silent when a goblin punch smashed his teeth apart and knocked him out. He is still smiling when the spear pierces his skull.
   Gathering around the corpse, the goblins steeled themselves, weighing their options. Injured as they were, could they
take the rest of the fortress? Many of the dwarves had fallen easily enough, but if they had any more like him they'd be doomed.
The next dwarf out of the fortress was wearing amazing leather armour and brandishing a steel warhammer. They steeled themselves,
and felt the bridge tremble beneath them. Suddenly they were in the air, clothes and bodies smashing into them. The world was a
blur as they spun, and they lost consciousness. They didn't feel when they hit the ground.
   Atír marched forward as the bridge slammed down, crushing two of the goblins and one dwarven corspe. Aban Kosothetol
followed beside her, firing bolts into the remaining unconscious body. A goblin rushes around the wall and takes a bolt to the foot,
collapsing from the pain for a brief moment before Atír's warhammer smashed into his skull, sending his body reeling back. The
second blow shattered his skull, the third crushed his brain. Her next blow smashes the skull and brain of the goblin beside
the bridge. She wiped the gore from her face and poined to the north, where a remaining goblin crossbowman, bowman, and swordsman
slaughtering the animals.
   The Axedwarf put on a sudden burst of speed, closing on the goblins, the cry of "GLAZEBEARD!" on her lips. Bolts and arrows
flew past her as her bismuth bronze axe gleamed in the sun. She swiped at the bowman first, the desperate goblin fending off attacks with his
copper bow. There's a clang and a scream as the goblin is thrown off balance and the bronze axe is first buried in his right leg, the second in
his left foot. The dwarf switches her attention to the crossbowman, smashing the flat of her axe against the crossbow, crushing his right hand.
The Bowman dodged and parried but Atír presses on, slahing, punching and slicing off limbs until the pair lay quartered around her, the bowman
still trying to bite at his foe. Her main foes dying, the Axedwarf turned her attention to the last goblin sowrdsman, who takes the axe in the
arm but bites the dwarf's right hand and latched on. With a look of pity, the Axedwarf pulled out the axe with her left and crushed the
goblin's head.
   The battle was one, though there was no cheering. Too many had died this day. Atír's eyes had lost thir fear and grown dark. She gripped
her steel warhammer tighter, the head dripping gore. This was war.


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Re: Glazebeard: Long live the Queen!
« Reply #32 on: July 01, 2015, 10:32:28 pm »

How many casualties were lost on this tragic day?
Also, are the people who have been dwarfed still fine, or did they ride the Fun train too?


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Re: Glazebeard: Long live the Queen!
« Reply #33 on: July 01, 2015, 10:57:52 pm »

How many casualties were lost on this tragic day?
Also, are the people who have been dwarfed still fine, or did they ride the Fun train too?

7 dwarves died total, all people who have been dwarfed are still alive.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

That hasn't stopped the fun train, though. The next update has more casualties as the goblins seek revenge and the dwarves dig deeper.


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Re: Glazebeard: Long live the Queen!
« Reply #34 on: July 03, 2015, 11:43:40 am »

9 Moonstone, 7

   The death of the goblins leaves us with valuable gains: Their weapons and armour. I call the coast clear and allow for the more useful pieces to be
picked up.
   The miners reach a cavern deeper than all the others, on what the miners called layer 2. An underground paradise opened before them, cave moss growing
alongside plump helmets and exotic trees. I designate some rooms to be carved out for future use, this could revolutionize out wood industry.
   I also designate a proper tomb to memorialize this battle. Slabs are being carved to remember the dead.
   Kivish waits eagerly while a dog hide is finally tanned, grabs it and begins shouting for more. Isustpect it's rock blocks we're missing, and order some at once

22 Moonstone, 7

   We've struck morion! What is that? A type of gem cluster. I think the mayor needs more tanned hides.
   In gathering logs from the surface, I discover someof my dwarves have come down with sunlight sickness, spreading trails of vomit through the wood stockpiles and trade depot.
   Kivish needs even more leather. More dogs are led to the slaughter.
   The reason the military hasn't been training is they've been scheduled to train on a different alert. This has now been corrected. I've also found
how to expand selections for placing furnitre, allowing for easier placement of specific quality items to boost room values.
   Kivish grabs the fresh piece of dog leather and begins running off for other parts. Hopefully the hard part is over and he can find the rest of the parts
he needs for his creation before the strain breaks his mind.
Kivish begins his mysterious construction! Thankfully we made it in time.

24 Opal
   His love of quivers reaches its zenith. He makes an artifact dog leather quiver. It also bears the coronation of ingiz doctrinebells, the late king

7 Obsidian, 7
   Tirist âbirreg has had a hard time hauling after repeatedly being horrified by the death. I'm giving her a mining job to help get her away from the surface.

8 Obsidian, 7

   A forgotten beast akin to a feathered slug! how.. wierd.

1 Granite, 8

   Spring has arrived, and it has been an effort of rebuilding and restructuring.

23 Granite, 8

   Queen Atir has grown attached to her steel warhammer.
   I have decided we need to produce better wares to make this more like a proper mountainhome. I'm going to breach deeper and cut down some of that new,
more expensive wood in the deep caverns.

24th Granite, 8

   Warm stone. Magma. Magma. And a glint of the legendary metal, adamantine. Mythical. Legendary. Metal
We shall have it. We must.
The magma sea is revealed.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

1st Slate, 8
   More migrants. We'll put them to good use. Adamintium calls. Weapons. Armour.

2nd Slate
   Kogan Othbemkonos has given birth to a girl, the second daughter of Glazebeard.
   Ducim has been possessed! Claims a craftdwarf's workshop, grabbed some dog bones.
   A magma crab emerges in the miner tunnels! The military will never get here in time, they're on the surface!
   Zefon jumps away as the crab emerges from the lava, blocking its pincers with her cloak. She shouted for help, her words echoing in the depths.
A glob of magma flew towards her and she smashed it aside with her copper pick. She backed off into a corner, and the crab , satisfied by her retreat,
went back into the magma. Zefon shouts for someone to come build a floor over the hole and digs a secondary route to prevent someone else from getting
   Avuz  has been stricken by melancohly! What could have happened?
   She'd taken an injury to her hand, and the pain was keeping her awake, and she'd been drinking water instead of booze. If we had a hospital, perhaps
this could have been avoided. With our military nonexistent, this seems like a good time to set one up.

16 Felsite, 8

   Yet another forgotten beast, a strange glass quadruped.

22 Felsite, 8

   Ducim went insane from being unable to make his item. I hadn't seven seen that he needed more stuff. Probably leather. He's gone all melancholy.

1 Hematite, 8

It's now summer. I've spent so long in the depths that I've been leaving the fortress above to run itself. I'm working on setting up a secondary
settlement in the depths for the blacksmiths and miners. There is such a large gap between the top and bottom floors that it takes incredible
amounts of time to go from one to the other. Getting food down here will be a challenge.
   Likot has goven birth to a girl. three daughters of Glazebeard.
   Oh no. Not now. Another invasion. Get inside! bridge up! Military to the fore!
   That's a lot of goblins. 20 of them, all in weapons and armour. Our military has been training more, but are they equipped enough?
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
   The goblins go north and begin to slaughter our livestock. It's a necessary sacrifice as we wait for the whole military to assemble. We got lucky
last time, but we won't needlessly lose dwarves.

   They're all here, the queen at the fore. They haven't put on armour, save for the queen. This could get messy, but if we win I'm having armour
made for everyone. The promise of adamantine gets their morale up.
   Shem lets loose, but the wooden bolt shatters on the mail shirt.
   The goblins get between him and the entrance, and push him along the riverbed, he manages to shoot a goblin in the leg before a short sword pierces
his torso, another goblin shoving a pike in his leg then being lodged in his head.
   Zaneg enters a martial trance and leaps out of the way of a willow bolt, then dodges the swords and pike. She continues to avoid their strikes,
drawing the goblins away from the entrance. They surround her but cannot get a hit in. Even a tackle is no more than a minor inconvenience.
   Ingish runs out with his own spear and stabs a goblin swordsman in the leg from behind, then pierces his skull when he drops. (Snag Songbosa)
   The martial trance ends far too soon and Zaneg slows down, an iron spear piercing her foot. Warhammers and swords tear and smash at her body
before an iron sword severs her head with a stab.
   The rest of the military was suffering from sunlight sickness.
Song Olngoslosno is the next to fall, a spear in his foot and a mace to his leg.
   The macedwarf Nil is trading blows, taking damage while ingish dodges blows and blocks with his weapon. Nil manages to crush the skull of
a swordsman. Ingish has her foot crushed by a warhammer and is executed with a spear when she collapses.
   The Macedwarf takes blow after blow, pushed back further into the river by spears, swords and whips, before the iron two handed sword takes her head.
   Mosus the marksdwarf is set upon with an iron warhammer and has her skull crushed. With no more dwarves outside, I order the lever pulled, put the
contingent that had been fought all flee out through the woods.
   Kivish has been re-elected as mayor.
   Kel Olidakost somehow got outside and was swarmed by the goblins. It thankfully ended quickly.
   Another adamantine spire. We still don't quite know how to get the metal out. We heard it must be drawn in strings, but are unable to
find a workshop with the right tools. Perhaps a craftdwarf's shop.
   Zasit the gem cutter has been possessed! He claims a jeweler's workshop
   Avuz was found dehydrated! what the hell? We have so much booze! Do they really need water that badly?
   Ducim the planter has also died of dehydration. I'm going to try and get some water in here soon.
   Zasit has begun a mysterious construction!
   Zasit made a tanzanite ring!
   The siege persists. It begins to claw at my sanity, but we've begun the extraction process of adamantine. We need to get food into the underground,
I'm going to have to see about setting up farms. It's much too far to have haulers bring it everywhere.


Atir sat on an anvil in the shade of the Trade Depot, vomit staining the artifact leather armour she wore. Around her sat the manager,
 mayor Kivish, and Erith, the bookkeeper.
   "I've been down there too long. Sunlight makes me dizzy now. The military knows, and word will spread," the
queen said, her hands gripping her steel warhammer, the stain of goblin blood and brain still evident. "They've caught
us off guard twice now, and we're still so poorly equipped. I don't care who you get to do it, I want us all
wearing adamandinte."
   Erith began to sputter, "B-But the quality! There are none worthy-"
   "Damn your worthiness!" The queen snapped. "It's adamantine! A wafer is worth more than a bar of gold! Even cloth made of the metal would be preferable
to our current attire! We've managed to get dozens of migrants! Are you telling me none of them know how to forge a sword?"
   "There is a weponsmith. He goes by the name "Bomber", but he's very reliable, or so he says."
   "I want swords. Start with short ones, so he can get a feel for the metal. Then have him make biggest ones that can be wielded.
Given how light adamantine is, that should be significant. What about armour?
   The manager, mayor, and bookeeper all looked at each other.
   "There's an armourer kicking around, I'm sure of it."
   "Full plate. Ten Sets."
   "B-But there's no way we can get that much adamantine! The magma sea blocks much of our passage, and..." he fell silent
   The assembled dwarves felt a chill.
   "..Dig upwards, then. Hollow out a ceiling."
   The other nobles nodded in agreement, relief on their faces.
   "Then dig to the other spike and dig it to your current depth."
   Faces paled behind beards.
   "Then, once that's all used up, you will dig down one level at a time for five more urists."
   "We have access only to gold and what we can trade for. With that-" she gestured to the raised drawbridge, "we have no more metals coming in. And you can't kill with gold."
   "We can melt down goblin equipment." the manager spoke up.
   The queen nodded in approval. "Do it and make armour. Especially boots. Also," she waved at the courtyard/stockpiles.
"I want this covered over when the siege lifts. Diorite as much as possible, but set aside kaolite where it won't be touched yet.
"Why not?"
"Kaolite's magma-safe."

Shem, Ingish, Song, Nil, Mosus, and Zaneg. They managed to kill three goblins and drive about half the group off, Zaneg went wild
for a bit at the start, then lured them north. I guess he was going for a leader, but he came out of it and they cornered him at the river.
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Re: Glazebeard: Long live the Queen!
« Reply #35 on: July 03, 2015, 10:32:03 pm »

I am lovin' this. All the action, the drama, the well written anecdotes! You sir, have gained my respect.


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Re: Glazebeard: Long live the Queen!
« Reply #36 on: July 09, 2015, 06:18:08 pm »

Can you post my dwarfs thought screen? What's he been up to during all of this death and violence?
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