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Author Topic: (0.47.xx) Mountains of Sorrow - Races and miscellaneous stuff pack  (Read 2739 times)


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This is my first mod, and it's a mod that I've been working on and off (mostly off heheh) on since late 2017. Normally I forget about it for a few months, then get inspired and implement a couple more ideas, then forget about it again. I think I've posted a couple builds on it on Tumblr, but didn't really gather the confidence to create an account and post it here. It started because I thought it'd be cool to see ents in Dwarf Fortress, and eventually sprawled into a content pack including new races, creatures, weapons, unique "magic" racial abilities, and an alchemy system that I'm still trying to get to work.

New Races
Mountains of sorrow includes 7 new civilized races and a special mutated caste caste that shows up among some civilized races.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

New Creatures
Mountains of Sorrow also adds a few new creatures, most of which are extinct and/or made-up megafauna that can be used as mounts/pack animals/war animals.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)


Like I said, only cactaii have access to firearms by default, however dwarves can gain access to them through some custom reactions at a metalsmith's forge (in the future I plan on creating a specially dedicated gunsmith workshop).

With an unit of wood and a bar of metal you can craft either a pistol or a musket, with muskets having a longer range but being heavier and slower to recharge. You can also craft a special type of dagger called bayonet, which can be commbined with a musket to create a bayonet musket, which is pretty much a musket that can be used as a sword as a secondary attack.
I originally intended for bullets to only be craftable through a special reaction which would require gunpowder made at an alchemist's lab, but since my alchemy system doesn't seem to be working correctly as of right now, I decided to let them be crafted as any other type of ammo.


I created an alchemist's lab and a few custom reactions to use in it, but from the testing I've been done in game, these don't seem to do anything as of right now (the dwarves will gather the appropriate material and take them to the workshop but the reaction never seems to produce anything). The core of what I have is very blatantly inspired by LFR, but I eventually plan on taking it in a very different direction. The reactions I have coded right now are:

Perform alchemical experiment: Requires a couple non-economic stones and some fuel. It has a small chance of producing toxic gas which can give dwarves a nasty syndrome, and a bigger but still small chance of producing an object called "alchemical research paper". The core idea is that these represent alchemical knowledge you have discovered through experimentation, so the more you have the more complciated reactions you can eprform.

Turn stone into gold: Requires some alchemical research papers (which are not consumed in the process), non-economic stone, and fuel. Converts stone into a gold bar.

Make gunpowder: Requires brimstone and saltpeter and some alchemical research papers, and produces a bag of gunpowder, which is eventually supposed to be required to be used in the production of bullets.

The problem here is that, during testing, I had one of my dwarves perform the first reaction on repeat and it never seemed to produce either toxic gas or an alchemical research paper, and without any alchemical research papers I could never test the other two reactions. I'll update if I get it working. The idea is that eventually alchemy should be a complex system capable ofproducing a wide variety of potions (which would mechanically be different types of booze that give positive effects to your dwarves using the syndromes system)

Notes and future plans

-Expand and fix the alchemy system
-Finish the ents. Despite being the race that started all of this, I never quite finished the idea I had for them. Most of their physiology comes from copying the anatomy of a bronze colosus and making the appopriate material replacement. My original idea was to give them hair and beards made of leaves, but I still don't have a decent enough understanding of the tisue layer system to add that.
-Give unique racial abilities to vanilla races the same way I did for races added by this mod.
-Note: while the thread title says "0.47.xx", it's wortnothing that I've been working on this mod since 0.43, and I've succesfully transferred my work over without any problems every time there's been a major update, so it's probaby safe to assume it's compaible with every 0.4x.xx version, or at least every version since 0.43.


Simply download the file linked at the bottom of this page and unzip it to your /raw/objects/ foler. Most* of the content added by this mod is contained inside its own files, so you can easily combine it with other mods without creating any conflicts.
* The only file this mod will overwrite is creature_standard.txt, however, you may choose to not do so if you have any other mod that modifies that file and don't want to overwrite it. The only disadvantage of not overwriting your creature_standard.txt file with the one provided with this mod is that dragonborn dwarves and humans won't show up, so it definitely isn't completely mandatory to enjoy this mod.

Download link:
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