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Author Topic: Drunk Thread -(Awesome Thread)-  (Read 77709 times)


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Re: Drunk Thread -(Awesome Thread)-
« Reply #1845 on: October 13, 2019, 11:07:02 pm »

The beer schnapps did not burn as much as I thought it might. It did, however, taste vaguely like Labatt Blue or some other generic pisswater. "Inspired by beer," indeed.

A novelty, surely. A delicacy, nope.


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Re: Drunk Thread -(Awesome Thread)-
« Reply #1846 on: October 18, 2019, 01:25:36 am »

SO um a while back I found the youtube channel of a text/screenshot-RPer I really enjoyed (it-he software, tapewolf), and was fricken floored by his voice.

Yeah, this... kinda keeps happening.  I read or even exchange messages with someone, naturally "hearing" their words in my own voice, right?  For some time.  Months, maybe over a year - then I happen to hear their actual voice somehow.

It's always deeper, but omigosh this, and the accent-
I'm sorry, this is super inappropriate, but Dioxine sounds fucking hot.
And I'm pretty sure his weird (insane, impractical) fuck-the-rules anarchy outlook means that this's fine, since I have no intention of making it any weirder than this statement of admiration.  Frick, what a guy.

I was going to link to the LP in question but tbh I'm only 20 seconds into 1 and a quarter hours, and there's a good chance there's forum-inappropriate stuff.  Though only if it came up, he's not some edgelord.  agh soo cool!

Edit: brb looking up the three hour argument we had about the trolley problem, but this time his side is a sweet deep Polish accent

Edit2: got gin (DRINK OF THE PEOPLE) as payment for computer repair.  not really good at computer repair, but guess I know enough.  Life is amazing, haaa...

Edit3: (all within like 3 minutes lol) I wanna be a djinn like my DND character got cursed to be!
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Re: Drunk Thread -(Awesome Thread)-
« Reply #1847 on: October 19, 2019, 03:16:28 am »

Head hurt.
I have some beers in the fridge, though. Gods, that's a nice feeling.
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