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Author Topic: Rusticgrowl by The Craters of Failing  (Read 4238 times)


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Rusticgrowl by The Craters of Failing
« on: September 28, 2017, 03:55:03 pm »

Hello all,

Together with a friend of mine i have started a kind of succession fort where we take turns guiding the fort to FUN!
The turns last a year and we keep a RP logbook. We do this purely for our own enjoyment but maybe someone out there might want to have a read. Be it on a toilet or in a train.

We are using the Ye olde Masterwork 34.11 version

Here follow the first 2 years. Let me know if i should bother with posting more.

Just a little heads up we are not native English speakers and quite bad in language in general. Any pointers will be appreciated!


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Re: Rusticgrowl by The Craters of Failing
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2017, 03:55:58 pm »

The founding of Rusticgrowl by The Craters of Failing
A logbook written by Saneb Kabdugan Expedition leader and member of The Craters of Failing, citizen of The Gloves of Requirement
Sand, sand everywhere I look! Why had it be me to be on the head of this bloody expedition. Why couldn't I just be assigned to some of our forts closer to our homeland, fighting Orcs in The War of Eviscerators instead of running for Clouds of Blinding Sand and eating fish all day. Instead I was giving the order to set up a glass industry on behalf of queen Zust herself. Can you believe it, glass? Of all the things we could possibly do it had to be FREAKING GLASS!! And now I'm here on the far north east of the known world (Buksutlocol, The Cosmic Planes) in the Sand Desert known as The Animalistic Deserts. Out here there is really nothing but sand, there are no trees to be seen for miles on end. That might be a problem because sand won’t bloody HEAT OUR FURNESESS. I guess our biggest enemy would be mother earth instead of invaders or animals. So far we only spotted a small group of Crocodiles, a Snapping Turtle and a Huge Sponge. To our south west lies a Forest Retreat of Beak Wolves called Trashyfrothed  so we may encounter them a bit more then we wish for.
It all started a year ago in the year 98 in the Age of Legends, just after the order to establish a settlement with a high glass export I started planning the journey. My first thought was to go to the far south east, but scouts reported we would end up in Salt Water Marshes. If there is one thing I hate more then sand it would be mosquito's and of course those nasty Ladybugs (tho i don’t think we would encounter them in Salt Water Marshes, but you never know). The second option was going northeast to The animalistic deserts a Temperate Sand Desert with Scarce Vegetation and Untamed Wilds. The good thing about is was the Major River Th Trssd Frnzs running through it (I wonder who named the damned thing). Our scouts reported their would be Little Soil but it would be more than enough to set up some farms. Their should be Shallow Metals and probably Deep Metals as well. I hope we find some of them quick or we might have to fight with GLASS weapons.
After finding a possible location we started packing stuff for the long journey ahead of us. Expecting warmer temperatures in the desert i only packed my short trousers and some thin shirts, how cold can deserts be right?
The next thing to pack was booze, lots of booze and of course meat and seeds for the farms. For livestock we took:
3 Mastiffs (1 male 2 female)
3 Moleweasels (1 male 2 female)
3 Dewbeetles (1 male 2 female)
6 Bearded Cavernkeets (1 male 5 female)
4 Boozebelly Goats (1 male 3 female)
3 Woolly Mountain Goats (1 male 2 female)
2 female Mountain Tuskox.
On department day I felt happy because personally i like a good adventure and I’am damn happy to leave the crowded cities here. Tho on the other hand I feel it's my duty to fight in the ongoing War of Eviscerators against the Orcs, but after a long night thinking it over I decided that my duty lies elsewhere. And so my journey started along with 6 other dwarfs that I don’t know and have been hand picked by the queen herself. I met them this morning, they seem quite... replaceable.

Spring year 99
And here we are then, right in the middle of bloody nothing! I must say i despise crowded places but this is all but joyful. To make things even worse, I saw icecaps floating in the river! ICECAPS in the desert, it's outrageous! I Am sleeping with the Woolly Mountain Goats tonight! But first things first we need to dig a hole and because it’s just a flat landscape I pointed at a random spot and so the digging started. On our journey we named ourselves The Craters of Failing and the new dug hole in the ground became knows as Rusticgrowl. Because someone forgot to bring some materials to build workshops most of us just did nothing at all and let the 2 miners do their thing. Except for Tirist Mozibcerol she started fishing from day 1 and basically never stopped doing so.
What a morons! After inspecting the freshly dug out entrance I noticed the miners dug too deep at the entrance so we have a ditch just in front of it! Well maybe we can use it to our advantage in the future as an extra defensive line so we can act like the ditch was actually planned to be there.
What evil witchcraft is this! Dark Clouds of blinding sand roam these lands. Normally i have no trouble being above ground but this is too much for me! I had to lie against my fellow dwarfs and told them I was the best farmer around, before they could react I grabbed the bag with seeds and left underground. They won’t see me up above ground anytime soon I can tell you that!
Finally! After 4 layers of bloody sand we finally struck some rock, Limestone and Bauxite to be precise. Let's start building some workshops! Later we also found our first metals Gelina and Mithril, that means we don’t have to fight with glass weapons.
Because we had a little bad luck with finding any materials we still don’t have any beds, I Am afraid I have to find that cosy barrel again tonight.
We started on the trading depot today, better to have it finished early so we won’t miss any caravans. That means if anyone ever is going to come visit us at the edge of the bloody world!
Summer year 99
We can finally produce our own booze and after some hard work we made a small dormitory, I can finally sleep in a normal bed again! After the dormitory we set up a small dining area as well. Our next priority now is reaching the lava lakes because of the lack of other burning material like coal or trees... In the process of going down we also started carving out some personal quarters, but again someone made a big fuckup by making some area’s too small so we had to re-plan the whole thing.
We eventually fixed it by placing walls, all extra time lost doing other stuff, I need to watch them more carefully so i can prevent more of these fuckups!
One of our miners found a cave after just 10 layers! Of Course we didn’t expect caves this soon so we quickly walled off this part so no stuff can enter our Fort. We began going down elsewhere but now only 1x1 tile wide instead of 3x3.
Some migrants of our homeland came by today but only 6 survived the long journey. There was 1 good mason and a good miner, the rest fit in the “Slave” category. I hope we get some decent people next wave.
Bloody hell, another cave? How do we ever reach the lava sea if we stumble upon cave after cave! If we just dug down a bit to the left we had missed it completely! Oh well, let's wall up some more! One lucky thing is that we discovered Obsidian! Ohh how i love the touch, smell and sight of it, i ordered a dug out immediately!

Autumn year 99
Things start to grow inside the Fort, it must have had something to do with the caves because it started right after our first encounter. The plant seem to thrive so we dug out some rooms and put our livestock in, at least they are a bit safer now.
Bloody animals! Both the Boozebelly Goats and the Woolly Mountain Goats started fighting each other and amongst themselves 1 Boozebelly Goat Kid lost both his left feet in the process. We might butcher it in the future, for now we put them apart.
The lava sea at last! One miner nearly lost his feet while digging out a staircase downwards.
I ordered them to dig out a bigger area just above some lava (tho most of the lava is just under the bloody cave). But they keep getting up saying they found warm stone and are afraid to dog any further. Lazy dogs, I send them right back down and told them too keep digging!
Atlast, a caravan of our homeland has arrived. I ordered all the mechanisms to be brought to the trading depot. I traded them for lots of Cloth, all their Wood and 2 Steel Anvils. With the caravan were also 6 migrants, 1 of them a smith from the guild tho he had only experience in operating a furnace...  like how hard can it be.
Winter year 99
The river froze solid, I had hoped the current would prevent it from happening but again no luck. We had a lot of spare blocks so i ordered the men to start building a wall. It has been quite recently, too quite. Some of my men reported sights of Giant Scorpions. We need to keep them away from the fort or... maybe train some of them. As an extra line of defence I ordered the miners to dig out a moat around the walls. They have to finish it next year when the river is frozen solid, but before that a bridge is needed.
I had a meeting with the caravan master and asked them to bring Soap, Wood, Cloth and Metal Bars next time they visit. I also asked them to bring a Mountain Tuskox Bull with them so we can start breeding.
It's near the end of the year and the glass industry is not going great. We reached the lava lake so we have the hard needed fuel but we lack sacks to collect sand. The extra Cloth comes in handy but I'm not sure if it will be enough. On orders of the queen someone else should take the lead next year, I think things aren’t going as smooth as she had liked tho I must say I don’t really mind. I have had enough for now yelling at my fellow dwarfs. I might join the militia and train to become a soldier, I feel farming isn’t really my thing after all.


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Re: Rusticgrowl by The Craters of Failing
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2017, 03:56:16 pm »

Spring year 100
Logbook kept by ‘Gimbir’ Vakistshorast Apprentice'ish wizard

Granite 1:
For some unknown reason the Queen decided that I should be in control of this fort for a year. Was it because I like clear glass? Having learned that noble dwarfs don't need a sane reason for anything they do or decide I'm just going with it.
Although I was pleasantly surprised about the progress we had made the first year of this forts existence I do have a few things in mind that could be better. For instance: earlier last year a goat kid lost both its left hooves, and has spend many months now clawing round and round in the ever present sand like a slow motion dust devil. My first order was to put it out of his misery . And then there was the smell of rotten cheese,  Saneb Kabdugan must have been worried he wouldn't get his slice of cheese to go with the dwarven port! Kitchen, farm workshop en refuse pile where filled with the rotting smell of the fermented delicatessen.
I have my eyes on does beautiful giants scorpions out in the desert. With furniture as bait cage traps have been set out to try and get them.

Slate 6:
After a month of killing mutilated livestock and reanimated cheese I have ordered the construction of a proper dining hall.  Saneb Kabdugan's insistence that eating in a sandy pit was: “Just like having a picknick” wasn't fooling anyone.  For now its just the rough shape. But when more materials are available it will be a most splendid dining room indeed.

Slate 15:
This morning one of the trappers came running up at me looking excited perspiring heavily. “Boss boss! We caught something in our traps!” I had been looking forward to this moment. But when I asked him to show me the giant scorpion his face changed into a frown. “Sorry Bosslady, its not a giant scorpion but a Tarantula! Come and see for yourself.'' the trapper said. Disappointed I followed him expecting a hand sized spider, hardly something to get exited about. But when I turned the corner to the animal stockpile I was greeted by the sight of a giant spider crammed into a cage. It looked like it might just stick out its legs and scurry of with the cage on his back. Easily twice the size of a giant scorpion she will be a use full addition to the fortress defence!

Felsite 3:
Today our fort more then doubled in number of inhabitants. 26 Migrants arrived, among the usual dregs of society there where a few that could actually be useful. A proficient glassmaker a half decent doctor and a guard dwarf. However I realised to late we had a few keep hunters among them. These hunters immediately started to gleefully murder the giant scorpions I had my eye on. They are working on smoothing the dinning hall now...

Felsite 20:
A Weaver was taken by a mood today. Reasoning with dwarfs is hard enough in normal circumstances, but when they are taken by a mood they will sit in  the corner of a workshop mumbling about bones until they either get them or go berserk.  Unfortunately this fool wanted logs.. Does he not know we live in a desert! Deciding I rather wanted a wooden toy piano menacing with bone spikes then a berserk dwarf I send a few down to the first cave to chop some mushrooms hoping to convince the weaver they are just as good as tree's.
Upon breaching the cavern a elven caravan decided to show up with all the trees they could carry onboard. The entrance to the cave was walled of immediately. However given the love of dwarfs for being on the wrong side of a wall who knows  who might still be down there.
A deal was struck between the elves and us. Trading a few pots of dew beetle juice for all the logs they carried. After a order was placed for lots more logs for next year they started to leave. Just when they crossed the bridge a group of 18 dark stranglers tried to enter the fortress. Between the bow wielding elves and the war-trained mastiff it was a bloodbath. The siege was broken in seconds!
We just completed looting the elven arrows of the field when the weaver finished his “construction”. A little wooden figure of a dwarf with some bone stuck to it. Very pleased with himself the weaver declared himself a legendary wood crafter and went back to his weaving..

Spring year 100

Hematite 6:
In the spirit of trying to use all resources available to us we put up some hives and started filling them with whatever tiny creatures we could find. So far 3 of them have decided to stay around. Silkmoths Who's cocoons we can boil up in the kitchen to get silk threads.  Cochineal insects Who can be mushed up in the quern to produce red dye. And Bane-spiders whom's venom can be used on weapons againt greenskins.
We also dug some more holes we pretend to be bedrooms.

Malachite 20:
Another wave of idle hands and wasteful stomachs has arrived. We will need to get a militia going to put these meat bags to good use.

Galena 12:
Something in the cave destroyed the wall that blocked the entrance to the fort. A few cave fish man managed to slime there way into the fort. Luckily they where easy to dispatch. The wall has been put up again this time with some traps behind it. We must keep our eye's open!
During my daily aboveground rounds I spotted a golden goose! This legendary animal is rumoured to lay golden bars! I pointed at it excitedly indicating I wanted it captured. Misunderstanding me one of the new migrants instantly threw a javelin at it chopping its bill clean off, it later died of blood loss. The stone detailing group keeps growing....

Limestone 18:
This is the 3th month in row now that saw our numbers grow. Are there no other forts they could bother?

Limestone 27:
Things where finally quieting down and dwarfs where getting on with there jobs. The appearance of a Forest giant put a stop to that! Before it even reached the fort it managed to get hold of one of our millers strangling him on the spot. The giants eye's spotted his next target before he even let go of the now blue miller. For some reason it really wanted to kill a beardless chicken hen. The next few weeks we could see the giant weave in and out of sight trying to get hold of this chicken. All the while followed by our war trained mastiff. The hero of the last invasion.

Sandstone 17:
After weeks of chicken giant mastiff marathon. La yerhembd the war mastiff kills the giant! Unfortunately we couldn't get hold of a saw blade to build the slaughterhouse. So the giant corpse rotted away before we could butcher it for the giant potion.

Sandstone 24:
Another great addition to our military capability was caught in the form of a breeding pair of giant jaguars! There ofspring will stand together with La yerhembd the war mastiff to defend our fort.

Timber 3:
Etur the miller who was killed by the giant was tucked awa... buried.
Timber 17:
A dwarven caravan arrived today. I was hoping for some luxury's from home. However they didn't seem to bring anything but wood. My god I know we are in a dessert so people assume we need timber. But would it kill you to bring some dwarven port! On top of that the caravan was followed in by a group of succubus snatchers. They seemed to have the wit of a greenskin though because they all managed to step into the few cage traps we have trying to lurer in  the giant scorpions. We will use them in some “experiments”

Obsidian 15:
 I already started to look forward to my retirement for the year. The fun of being bossladydwarfsir was wearing of and I was longing to spend some time with my magic books. The sight of a invading force of 18 tiger man was to much for me so near to my retirement. I ordered the bridge pulled up in the hope the Tigerman would get bored and wonder off.  To my horror the job of hooking up the lever to the bridge got suspended somehow! Must have been a blade of grass in the way... I needn't have worried though. Our beast at the gate saved us once again. The second the first Tigerman crossed into the fort it had it throat bit out by La yerhembd the war mastiff. Seeing this the remaining Tigernan turned around and ran off. 5 of them got stuck in our cagetraps. Some FUN! Will be had with them...
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