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Author Topic: Script to automate the download of DF, DFHack, and TWBT  (Read 528 times)


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Script to automate the download of DF, DFHack, and TWBT
« on: May 24, 2020, 12:56:16 am »

AutoDF is a script which will download df, dfhack, twbt, as well as some graphics and colors (NOTE: only works for windows).
It automatically organizes everything based on the user input for the graphics and color, and should make the often tedious process of getting all of the common utilities set up properly way quicker.

It is a batch file, so your computer might freek out about running it, but just ignore it. Obviously you can also just check the program (which should be commented soon!) if you want to.

Just let me know if you find any bugs, have any suggestions, or anything else!

AutoDF: Download, compatible with DF, DFHack, & TWBT 0.47.04-r1

  • 3 graphics: Wanderlust (from Kynsmer), Vettlingr's tileset (from vettlingr), and Phoebus (from Phoebus)
  • 11 colors: cla, CowThingDark, dawnbringer, elementary, feilds, ironhand, leesColorSchemeV2, solarized, cheridBone, cheridNatural, and windows10
  • Automatically organizes and edits necessary files and folers
  • Relatively painless!
  • Pretty simple batch program powered by only a small amount of dark magic

How to Run
  • Install the .bat file
  • Place the file where you want to install the df folder
  • Run the file
  • It will ask for prompts for graphics and colors, just type in your choice
  • When it's finished it'll run df, and should be good to go


  • None found so far!

Planned features
  • Retry if user misspells graphics or color choice
  • More graphics! (let me know what you'd want me to add)
  • Linux and MacOS compatibility
  • Commented code for better readability
  • Maybe a git repo???
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