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Author Topic: More satisfying necromancy by crafting experiments in adventure mode  (Read 318 times)


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Right now necromancy is pretty boring and probably it will be reworked with new magic system. I'm not sure if magic will be as op as it should be in fantasy world or maybe magic will be just useful addition without super powerful fireballs but in either case my proposition should be a decent change.

I belive that necromancers should be able to make their own experiment monsters by dismembering and assembling dead bodies. Right now every body part is tracked by game so it should not be very hard to implement and it would bring fully personalized minions with huge strength if made out of decent parts and it cold be much better than using huge army of undead hands and legs crawling towards enemies which will add some love for our smelly friends in adventure mode. It would also bring some more fun to fortress mode by adding to old undead dwarfs/humans/elfs some (partially) procedurally generated undead dog with human legs etc... If it appears to be too strong it may be balanced by modifying rotting mechanic so undead will lose their parts if not embalmed (let's say that thread is getting ripping off) or weakening undead over time (rotting induced lose of some stats till some reasonable level).

It could be made as follows:
- find torso that will be core of undead
- torso slots (2x arms, 2x legs, one head + wings more legs for spider torso etc.)
- legs (wings) will define speed of creature, arms for strength and head will be responsible for senses, skills and intelligence (maybe some follower-like undead with human head instead of stupid beast with head of a shark).
- by using surgeon skill necromancer will assemble body and this skill will make connecting parts of creatures of different sizes possible.
- at the end necromancer may reanimate undead

npc necromancers could use it to "repair" undead that lost limbs during fights.

Simillar system could be used for attaching (fresh and artificial) limbs by surgeon and maaaybe swaping limbs by lich but it's probably idiotic idea to attach undead limb to a necromancer's torso. Also some other creatures like golems of earth mage and homonculus of life mage could use it so stronger minions will need some work and love from adventurers.

I think that, by adding this rewarding mechanic, undead minions will shift from being simple meat shield to loved and valuable companions (+ meat shields ressurected during fight). Probably system made for procedurally generated forgotten beasts could be used here, creators know their code better than me.

Thank's for reading my weird ideas, i hope it is interesting for you  ;).

edit: Also some kind of progression could be nice there, rn fresh necromancer is able to ressurect thousands of undead so it could be nice to make it something more advanced on path of dark magic.
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Re: More satisfying necromancy by corpse crafting.
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Damn, i forgot about these. My suggestion is still legit for adventurer mode though and mechanic of making experiments. I will edit my post then.
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