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Author Topic: LGBTQ+ Thread  (Read 27831 times)


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Re: LGBTQ+ Thread
« Reply #751 on: Today at 12:13:47 pm »

Went and visited some members of my mother's family alone (i.e. without my parents) for the first time. I've only been out to my lesbian cousin, and this time I came out to her mother, my aunt.

It went well, she was kind to me ... ... ... she packed my lunch for the train in her deceased son's old lunchbox.
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Re: LGBTQ+ Thread
« Reply #752 on: Today at 04:00:17 pm »

This article seems fitting between Memorial Day and Pride Month: bad it's in the UK.
I was initially thinking it'd be some sort of thing of veterans being denied pensions due to being LGBT or something, instead it's about literal torture being done on people because they were gay or trans, or even as much as suspected of it.

Six figures isn't enough for that sort of thing.
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Re: LGBTQ+ Thread
« Reply #753 on: Today at 04:18:37 pm »

Oh, shit.  I didn't click the link, thanks for summarizing it.  :(

@Vector It's so interesting what little gestures can mean the world.  I'm so glad that went well.  I'm planning to come out to my dad's sister sometime during June...  She's always been pretty nice to me, and in general, but we're not close.  I'd like for her to know.

I saw a cute bumper sticker today: "I've got my TWO moms wrapped around my little *pawprint*".  With a little rainbow loop.

I don't get lesbians but they're neat!  My cousin has two moms too.  He asked me my pronouns in front of my dad once, heh, and dad made jokes but we literally ignored him until he moved on.  The dynamic is so different when there's even one ally around.
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