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Author Topic: Mechanical Solstice Chronicle of 1x1 on crossroads  (Read 37681 times)

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Mechanical Solstice Chronicle of 1x1 on crossroads
« on: June 25, 2017, 03:24:40 am »

Solstice Chronicle of Romantic Volcano of Caskets
On 1x1 embark:

Decided to make a thread to detail the events and history of a fort founded on My most purposefully difficult/complicated worldgen to date, with some dfhack tweaks:
.....Using PatrickLundall's plant diversity script and my quick animal adaptation of it (with semi and full mega animals - a happy accident) to populate the missing one-fifth of plants and animals in 1387/1394.
.....Using his setsavagery to fix temperate grassland's savagery to joyous from mirthful, as well as bunch of other holes left by...
........moving other 60 necro towers over to embark range.

What you'll likely see in this thread:
1) Screenshots. I have hotkeyed script for cropping, uploading and providing the link for one quickly.
2) Exploits/Design. I have fondness for making things work not in the way things should work. Don't expect to see every one of them, though.
3) Not so much in-detail exploratory RP on events, at least from me. DF's in-your-face stories can be quite stunning, but spending hours writing dialogue, inner monologue, analysing relationships and traits is ....Well, spending hours on these things and not other things.
3a) That said, others can write it better and quicker than me. For the purpose of encouraging audience participation, I'm willing to name any creature to any not off-putting name that hasn't already been taken/used.
4) Double+posts, probably. I doubt every update I'll post will garner a response.

Hindsight from 2021 march:

Have you ever heard only one part of phone conversation? The early chapters are lot like that.

Little is without meaning, and everything happens and is posted for a reason. Some of them are cautionary tales, others are just things I learned, but many are preparation for plans decades in the making.

But I should post more reasons in the future, as without them the events make little sense.

The below can be considerd spoilers, but also required information why I do what I do:
Spoiler: Initial goal log (click to show/hide)

But certainly, things have arisen that I didn't foresee in 2017. Many scripts and designs and even new plans!

Spoiler: New goals (click to show/hide)

With that said, here's an index:

Map on dfma, using biolinum. Second and third year using Dragonmaster's tileset.

1-6 Lost experiments arc: Don't get attached, for I reembark over and over. Do learn stuff. Do parse sentence fragments with partial context.

1: In which the embark is done.
2: In which I underestimate wildlife
3: In which I underestimate academic impact of thug life
4: In which I tweak embark and fix names.
5: In which I ruminate on importance of fighting and repel an owl (and undead siege, but that's evidently less important)
6: In which I do more library test, change half the army to dual-wield and greet new life.

7-12 Outline arc: First blood and river fort setup. Still many sentence fragments but desired volcano-river-city takes shape.

7: In which start building, producing, piercing and peeking. Gotta love more than 1 dwarf working.
8: In which I work on wall, scaffolding, obtain iron, set up cavern traps and enjoy charming sieges from all sides.
9: In which I contest well-placed siege with wooden weapons and bathe Bridge of Death in blood.
10: In which I recover from siege, fail to get merchants and only pick 1 visitor to join my corpse-strewn oasis
11: In which I welcome new migrants, change to Dragonmaster's graphics set and prepare for winter.
12: In which I repel undead but bleed to buzzards, then do infrastructure 'till midwinter.

13-18 Tweak&trick arc: The tale of what I do, but with complete sentences.

13: In which switch to home-compiled twbt-next, deal with bird and birdmen - for the time being, drop glade further and have spring interrupt setup for two repeaters.
14: In which I slew siege, became recognized as state, proceeded further with tombs, traded with elves
15: I welcome migrants, start a notary, redirect animals, fight 3-way battle & get human breeding pair.
16: In which I prep, marry and welcome humans & alter tileset a bit again.
17: As summer passes, magma, migrants, merchants and egg/world/trade exploit knowledge is obtained
18: Midautumn of mistakes and repairs - first (accidental) migrant  wave without exotic preference.

19-22 Item arc: 8 months away have given hindsight, and more hints of storytelling, though I still look at sieges in detail.

19: In which climbing corpses realize poets and picklords cohabitate and I reckon on the number of dead.
20: Winter and 1395 passes - along with dwarf bone armor stand, best armorer, newer twbt and two bugs
21: I whoop in joy and draw a map, as the 1396 spring elven siege brings me steel longswords.
22: Geshud, angry & shy & my first human birth in DF. TWBT rework, ‼mechanism‼ mood, start/abort of drown training.

23-24 Micromanagement arc: In-game, a day. IRL, 4 month break leads me to value sieges less, however.

23: Slew steel-bearing siege, got appropriate image on mechanism, bought out humans, and posted 2 new scripts.
24: Summer 2: Microed decorations, new tricks and paths - gem window animation and stone from floor exploit.

25-29 Death flags & micro arc: There's a story, and I react to it, returning to earlier form.

25: Romance! Caskets! And a Volcano! The dying breath of cheated nova gives a clue to neverborn & new baron!
26: Finishing up long-awaited progress with both magmagenerator and constructmultiz, short but significant turn of the season.
27: Zombies: few ; Construction accidents: many . As I return with tileset/TWBT fixes, obsidian is cast.
28: In the second half of winter, first taste of fiendish soot goes into new cleansing trench, and Tekkud enters the world as Moldath leaves it.
29: Greetings, spring 1397! Greetings, fiendish soot! Greetings, zombies, crabs and demons! Goodbye, Ïton Bekaravuz!

30-Present ??????: Steam prompts 7-month pause, not all of which is spent idle.

30: Summer 1397! New dfma map! Decorated swords, demonic accidens, unexpected crashes, and of course some more zombies sieges and migrants!
31: End of Summer 1397. Introduction of & graveyard, and testing of trees and dead. Wind longsword decorated for Meng.
32: Autumn 1397. Fall of Guild Representive & Mayor Ejas and rise of duchy. Sometimes, I am too optimistic, and that bites. Rakust, meanwhile, thinks of moon.
33: Last 5 updates, II: Corruption‼ I welcome goblins' siege, the powers of the world, the spider, magma-cart casting. I dream of fixing the world.
34: Reveal of necroskin splitter & simple delights of unrevealed capturer working out. End of winter 1397.
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Re: Mechanical Solstice Chronicle of 1x1 on crossroads
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2017, 03:27:01 am »

So! Decided to make the embark....

First things first, skill setup. I'll likely get sieged on first summer day (especially with moving 60 towers near it just before embark), and I'll also want a library, so....

6x 3 Figher/2 Library skill/5 shield user?

Also a crafter/expedition leader. Luckily, have someone without item preferences:

Spoiler: Zaneg Lòrag (click to show/hide)

Hating on crafts? Liking Romance? Not sure if I want to make her a philosopher...But might as well. Going to make lot of crafts, with great creativity, and console lot of people as intolerant lone wolf.

Giving them Adequate Consoler/Pacifier, Proficient Logician and Novice Leader (though this last one is military...well, one day!)

Others six?

Competent Fighter, Proficient Shield User and adequate skill in a theoretical skill - one each of Fluid Engineer/Optics Engineer/Geographer/Chemist/Astronomer/Mathematician. Honestly, I don't expect them to maintain those, but to give the seed of those skills over to other people to discover.

As other things...

Well, 5 turkeys - 2 male, 3 female - for leather and food, a dog each for early defence, as well as

Finally, there's the matter of names.

Group name...Okay, I've got to like these dwarves:

You know, I don't even need to consider anything else, it's just that...awesome? Ego-stroking? Full of Hubris?
As for fort name ... Hm. Theme would be nice. Library, so reason is already in, and going to try to brew all I can, so beertavern...

Close enough, the group is infallible anyway. What's the worst that can happen?

*waits for embark site to load*

...And all airshears are tundra.

[DFHack]# die

Next time, I'll move towers after estabilishing a suitable air layout. I already have in mind how to use it, too ♥

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Re: Mechanical Solstice Chronicle of 1x1 on crossroads
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2017, 08:29:30 pm »

Alright, go go go.

First, two savagery tweaks - to forest and grassland

And then embark from profile...

...All have item preferences. Lets try that again. Not even embarked and already savescumming, heh.

...and embark has river otters. I want fish!

Well, nevermind. Anyway, found a dwarf who likes battle axes and decided to shift from

Fighter 3/Shield 5/Scholar 2


Fighter 2/Student 1/Spec 5/Scholar 1/Teacher 1

Where Spec = Shield/Dodge/Armor/Biter/Wrestler/Fighter (who gets Teacher 2/Leader 1 instead, and an axe).

Which granted me some points left over, so spent that on six more periclase.

....Still no fishes.

*tries again*

Found fishes...And the treetops' all snowy. Well, never mind resetting, I'm setting the air shears manually with adapted PatrickLundall's shearcenter. Not the same, but eh...It'll have to do.

*actually looks at him*

Actually, a philosopher that hates knowledge? That's not going to work. *proceeds to get three of those in a row*

I swear...Very well. Tobul Shorehames shall spread values of laziness, drama and competition.

Onto actual actions. Ingish Pricewind becomes the leader of a six strong Cradled Cities. (Novice Leader but preference towards picks, not sure which weapon to pick here. Going with axe.)

Then, primary designations: Marking down all willows and highwoods for cutting, restricting brewable saplings from travel, getting all plants currently on surface, training the dogs, mining a fish catcher, butchering pack animals, and, hm....

Painting tavern, library and temple zones - on off-shore, unreachable by dwarves...

Oh, some sparrow people?

That may be a complication...


Dead doggos. Couldn't even slaughter in time.

17th Granite, 1394: Armor stand is constructed, and the 6-man squad can start to train.

With that, all labors fall to expedition leader for now.


And first bard by the end of granite. Wrong side of the river, though:

I try to give them tavern/temple to do things in and restrict civs from it with a burrow. It works.

.... The expedition leader becomes Novice Mechanic with the linking of the last cage trap

as the people start sparring on 13th.

It seems 1 milkfish already escaped by then, though....

Well, four is ok too. Just need floor bars to prevent the cages being lost in aquifer

And it's done!




Finally captured milkfish

(though had to widen the area

and scare them with military...

Now, why can't I tame them...

Needs to mod in a [PET_EXOTIC].

As for actually keeping them - I'm tossing them into murky pool for retire/unretire.


Well, moved towers and unretired.


The milkfish escaped cages.

Oh, and I got giant alligators in the river.

...Nope. I might be able to handle one of them. But not both, not with job interruptions.


*realizes it'd have been better and more interesting to just teleport the fish*

Oh well.

*looks at pool of lye on the ground*

Aw. Forgot about that; wanted soap and windows. Though on a booze note, first drink of the embark is

And, hm...

Coyotes attacking visitors, huh.

Well, I'd send in the ones who bear weapons as of now...

Which is just one with copper battle axe, the iron great axe lying on ground.

Aw. Well, good luck, Kadol. The milita commander....

Spend their time decorating the armor?

Huh. I'm certain I didn't see any giant oppossums while I played. And I'm the one with questionable judgment?

...Questionable judgment?

Wait, where are you going fearless leader?

Meanwhile, the milita ordered to kill ran the other way. Sending them in, and...
He's gone swimming with the fishes.

Got out, but stupid pools. Better retreat.

Bard, you're on your own.

...Not that the fearless leader listens to me.

Doggo down.

But hey, at least but the fear of insane philosopher rulers into them.

Coyotes, apparently, climb trees.

So do bards. No escape, rules of revenge.

No weapons.

Food and drink is kinda thin now, rotting and all....And learned something: Tame animal skeletons left behind on retire can be butchered on unretire:

...And...Everyone gets hypnotized by coyote cherries

Freakin' hypnocoyotes. I'm ordering dwarves near the trees.

One shakes off the mind control, goes and climbs. Others follow.

Now that's more like it.

Sadly, not all are smart enough to leave trees. Ah well, gotta do stairs.

Ah well.  Oh hey, one of them could climb down after a nap.

And others can feed themselves

Still, got to say, this is not how I imagined the embark would go.


Huh. Thought two in same workshop had to be of different labor.

And finally got three fertile piles of eggs ready. 5 months is kind of a lot, but single dwarf was kind of busy. Only got last dwarf out of tree on 5-16, when I retired-unretired at start of summer. Lost a migrant wave there too, I guess.

Interestingly, Ingiz went back to get more cherries, even after I removed the zones.

Do they like cherries? Nah. Though they usually drop them straight down.


Well, trade is approaching. I think I'll go for water-filled minecarts, this time.

Though before that, I'll likely get attacked by zombies.

Gotta ambush them first.

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Re: Mechanical Solstice Chronicle of 1x1 on crossroads
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2017, 06:33:16 am »

Got the urge to play again. Contemplated going back to pre-retire state of things; wasting a migrant wave and 1,5 months is kind of annoying.

However, didn't immediatelly. I wonder what's the symbol for my group and civ, anyway?

Endok Vumom, "The Attic of Savants"
This artwork is an image of earrings. The image is the symbol of The Ordered Constructs, a local dwarven government.


I forgot to set my name again?

....>_> This random name is correct, but lacks gravitas and accuracy.
Earrings? Attic of Savants.


I have feather wood. I can weaponize earrings. For ringfall or coinstar.
First's not as efficient as sparring overall, maybe, but requires little resources and focuses on armor and dodge. Though I'll want to get some steel to make it matter first, I guess.

And I suppose I can build up to eighteen libraries in the sky.

Måmgoz Ubbul, "The Dragon of Faults"
This artwork is a finely-designed image of a dwarf. The image is the symbol of The Bust of Heaviness, a dwarven civilization.

...Damn that's a kickass image name. The dwarf is the dragon of the world, expect so faulty it's not a dragon at all -  wait.

Did I unretire as wrong civ?

I did.


Let me check an earlier, pre-retire save. Yup, there too. Embarked as wrong civ.


I could start over and fix this I want to continue.

Even though there's such a contrast between dream and reality,
the imagined The Infallible Work and the true Attic of Savants,
the true Clutchmirror as the original was Treasongorge the City of Glades,
the multi-library-cultural Immortal Helm at war with goblins and the goblin-led dwarven Bust of Heaviness in better relations.

I asked what's the worst that can happen, didn't I?

I did, damnation and hellfire.  Dragon of Faults indeed



Well, I can weaponize this, nonetheless. I can keep going.

Going with a fishcatcher:

The milkfish all reverted, though I'm uncertain if I can catch them.


Do the military with organizer 1 do proper library drills? Giving everyone their own invidual library, stat. For science.

Migratory patterns doesn't seem organizing OR optics engineering.

There's two of them

As I thought, military types favour tracking for some reason. All 3 ponder migratory patterns.

The other four without organizer...well.

I didn't expect this. But apparently, diseases is still tracking, not any kind of healthcare skill.

Nor this. No military training at all, and isn't this math?

Guess not.

Oh, hm. This is unexpected. Everybody who got tracking experience also got precisely the same amount of record keeping experience.

(All 6 military types later got experience in tracking/record keeping, this was just early shot.)

Overall science results: 1/7. Would not science. One can't combine axes and maths, at least not like this.

Doing earlier tests...

Everybody piled and killed on a cyclops that appeared before I could react, thought it did kill a dog.


Still, even the earliest save of post-embark I have has all but one go tracking:

Only skill the one who doesn't - the astronomer - lacks compared to one of the five others is dodging.

An embark to test everyone with dodging instead of the previous specifications, however, suggests this is not the issue

Also shows record keeping being tied to geographing, with exactly 165 experience gained in both (similar total amount in single skill for other 6) for that dwarf:

(The contamination is due visiting scholar.)

Further test with giving everyone axe-wielding skill, and some discipline/some concentration/some observer....A-ha!

Only dude with Observer engages in Tracking rather than Logician training (one of two dudes with leader, but already confirmed that wasn't a prerequisite, and he lacks other military skills unlike others as well.)

Training 3 skills at the same time? Unusual.

However, this is super-duper-ultra bad. Can't just leave out of combat or military, but must also prevent ever seeing even a spar to not contaminate, since observer goes up fast - that astronomer has just 1 in it, though, so equal skills can have a chance.
Having kids grow up with legendary observer disbars them from other scholarly paths; in kind of way "you grew up in bad neighborhood? No STEM research for you."

(Also, unusual seeing a dwarf who hates masterworks so much. Wonder if they'd get happy thought from creating a masterwork or bad one from destruction?)

Nonetheless. My plan to spawn-camp coming undead armies with six of embark seven, to avoid being overwhelmed?

Still possible, but it makes theoretical library skill focus impossible. I could hope on migrants furthermore, still, of course.

But nah.

Fuck the world.

And make it anew.

(Some might argue I'm contrary perfectionist.)


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Re: Mechanical Solstice Chronicle of 1x1 on crossroads
« Reply #4 on: July 05, 2017, 09:21:58 am »

Did you ever try DF Tools where you can pre-set the starting dwarves names, age, orientation, stats, and even numbers of dwarfs? 

It's basically a scenario editor and avoids re-embarking to get that acceptable first 7 or more.

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Re: Mechanical Solstice Chronicle of 1x1 on crossroads
« Reply #5 on: July 11, 2017, 05:50:38 pm »

Nah, as that is Windows only. However, I suppose I could edit preferences easily enough with either vjek's scripts or their offshoots or even with gui/gm-editor as I have tested, which is easier than dling PE's lnp and rebooting the computer, should I want to modify them.

After a few days, I remembered that I totally could get theoretical scholars anyway by embarking and abandoning with a party of 7, which also serves the purpose of gathering plants that I can't obtain through trade or waiting.

That makes my earlier determination bit silly...

Oops? Though I'd still have to prevent them attaining observering skills and would be better served splitting the role.

Nonetheless, genned a world where my history changes resulted in few dozen lizard men joining dwarves in 1387 and managed to switch around few evil clouds to still harmless but weaponizable short-term instead of long-term, swamp to reanimating, savanna to evil, tropical grass to evil (might be fun), air forest to good, tundra to evil and desert to evil, then populated them. Also moved towers (yay for dfhack history).

For leader, I have Kol Shiptone.

Spoiler: Tobul (click to show/hide)

Small changes to points:
The military six have their librarian skills replaced by a point of teacher (though fighter is also attractive for immediate sparring - otherwise there's 24 day delay).
And Kol gets carpenter/diagnostics instead of philosopher/leader.

Also ditched seeds and half lye in favour of +25% drinks, 2 meals each (favoured food when possible) and doubled periclase.

And name....Some changes as well.
The Desert-City of Glades, founded by The Romantic Volcano of Caskets

Apparently dwarves have no word for snow/snowy. Closest might be white, cold, frost, freeze or ice. Maybe cold sand or light ice?
As you might guess from the names, it is not the same.

Symbol...Should be simple, reproducible and ideally having multiple possible meanings.

This'll do. kind of unexciting. Ah well. BBL.
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Re: Mechanical Solstice Chronicle of 1x1 on crossroads
« Reply #6 on: July 11, 2017, 08:40:46 pm »

I thought that Organizer is more helpful in setting up meetings for both leading demonstration or scholarly debates?

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Re: Mechanical Solstice Chronicle of 1x1 on crossroads
« Reply #7 on: July 15, 2017, 02:25:22 pm »

As far as demonstrations go, it should speed them up slightly but I don't believe it is necessary. Can't say how scholarly it is, however, haven't done test embark to see. Should, probably? Ditto for record keeping, which seems to be used alongside several scholarly skills.

Hm, upon further inspection of pops, seems that further messing with population manipulators failed to add ogres/harpies/nightwings/satyrs (must be exlusive nature of checking against invalid goodness instead of checking for right goodness; grimelings worked) and removed megabeasts. Unfortunate, should have fixed, but easily fixed either after retire or by region-pops - though not quite the same - and benefits outweight the negatives.

Also, forgot to pick right civ again:

>_> such a klutz.

Anyway, just means half the nobility is goblin.

Ǐton Kǔbuktangath/queen/Glazer likes to run and worships fortress-god Toral.
Fath Toradrakust/outpost liaison/Furnace Operator also ran, studied with an elf and worshipped sun-god Thikén the Wills of Perfection. I approve!

Now, for planning....On thin 1x1, there's some concerns with artifacts. *thinking*

I can get at most 26 artifacts - lowest z-level being 73, and river being on 99.
Additionally, as water sources take up 464 tiles, I can expose at most 1840 tiles to the sky, assuming I avoid tree holes.

Enough for 2z treefarm in lower right corner (275*2=550) or a bolthole. Hm, I think I'll use digcircle to mark a bridge area:

Close enough. (Yes, it'd be safer to go under the river. Scenic route).

Secondary concern would be getting moods I like. On a larger embark, it's no big deal if a child makes a wooden toy hammer, but here...


Until choices are ready, would either have to keep population low, largely in military or expose less than 2304 subterranean squares. Last disallows revealing caverns and magma sea. Hm, maybe sea could be gotten with constructed stairs, built  grates and minecart floor-bumping (if collisions can fling contents on z-level above through a stair).

...Actually, that sounds like quite cool exploit, even if it shows the sea the moment a tile is mined in the above 16x16 column.

Still, I want to ensure cavern wildlife doesn't deplete, which means handling cavern before reaching FB trigger of 50k wealth.

For now, though....Doggos fighting river otter, and...neat!

Tundra animals entering map through the branches provided by cherry trees (temperate).
Hope that doesn't cause cancellation spam.

This time around, managed to harvest the on-surface webs.

Hopefully that doesn't cause mooding problems later.

/--/On a bright note, instead of mangrove, highwood gear for military. 

Everyone gets an unique weapon. This will hopefully focus them on defensive skill demonstrations.

16th Granite. First visitor, human bard Atal Mindfulcharms, and...oh nice, procedural instrument.

*notes the -20°C temp* *Marks for dumping*

Decided to start the jobs later, but by 21th saw some bored peasants

This time, activated military on 25th. Sure, cabinet was up later, but the added time netted bunch of jobs like gardening half the embark and setting up aquifer access places and bolthole.

And, huh. Rendering of doggos jumping after river otter:

Pretty puppers. Nommed otter on 3rd Slate.

/- - - - - - - - - -/

Tch. 7th slate


My expedition leader is fat, couldn't jump like doggos:

Then took over a week to get him back. At least he landed straight on ramp *sigh*

Lesson learned: Get at least 1 ranger.

It is 21st slate till someone manages to miss him. Even with everyone enabled to produce quivers and whatnot...

And in the end it is killed on 26th by punching. 19 days. About four months of single dwarf's work?



Found another bright note: Making early crossbow and telling dodger-teacher to shoot resulted in sparring in first month for those two:

Would be earlier, if I gave everyone 3 fighter, but still nice. Though I then replaced the crossbow with second axe.

- - - - - - - -

5th Felsite:

Built my first casket. Ever? Not sure, I tend to go for coffins. Going to make caskets here, though.

Also, neat little thing: Inod wields training axe, copper axe and crossbow all in right hand

He can parry with both crossbow and axe, at least.

For other spars, finally got one on 27th Felsite - wonder if I will get undead - and checked skills.

Everyone has nice levels of dodging - I wonder, has Inod been doing a lot of dodging demonstrations? Hm, 2,3k/Competent Teacher. The adequate shield user has gained mere 320 teacher experience and granted 260 shield user experience to 1, 81 to another. That's 3,75 times less teaching expereince, but even assuming those shield drills were sequential they would give mere 1278 exp when multiplied by that - enough for single adequate.

Therefore, sparring dwarves improve the dodging of everyone near them, faster than noobie demonstrations, quite probably faster even than the sparrers themselves improve in it. And that was just with 5x5 barracks. Though I got to wonder, does this interrupt demonstrations/drills....

Nevermind - wait, you were supposed to have been over the river. This is first time I've seen you there.

No matter. *unequips training things from military and orders the attack*

....Oh, new info. Apparently bolts can remain claimed for lower priority squads their users get reassigned to higher ones

That's why the quiver is empty. (They also didn't drop their training gear, but that's...expected, really.)



orly? "Some undead siege, it's perfectly safe ignore it and to keep working."
"Non-[BENIGN] bird in the sky, I'm so scared I can't even move hand to mouth."

Dammit, Kol Shiptone. Nonstop working - until now-, and still causing trouble.
Are they beating the invasion with training swords and spears, or training swords and spears?

At least, they manage to kill the ...only 3? invaders (2 dead) at the cost of only a hunting dog who heroically absorbed the metal bolts as they charged with wooden weapons, while taking all but 1 to competent+ figher.  A good trade, I dare claim.

And this time, the owl is quick to deal with, with someone already wielding a crossbow.

Right after, sent them to wail with wooden stuff on one of the six porcupines for further training. And then one of my 13 monitor lizards. The bards join in

The doggo bites really shorten wildlife lifespan. Still, bit of improvement to skills, like armor user. I didn't give them second shield, so they get striking exp instead of misc obj. user. Ambivalent about giving them more, don't recall if it was beneficial for training.

*saves and quits*

*loads an older save to test it*

Aban Puzzlepages -
- and neat, I sure like the dwarvish name more - will first attack an echidna with wooden shield and axe, while ...huh. Having no armor here yet? Easily fixed, but lets look at it first.

Over 16 days and 65 pages, Aban...doesn't improve at all?

What. *checks reports that they're using their sword. Yup*

Same story for other skills when armored...Expect for armor user, which gained 3k exp in same timeframe.

Seems this is specific to echidnas (rolling into a ball), though.

Porcupines are a-ok, got novice swording faster than I could pause, killed altogether in 7 pages - boosting a bit all those military skills. Checking logs for aban in general, 29 mentions of sword (17% named) in 62 pages and shield? Yup, no misc obj. user. Dual shields not necessary, though I suppose in 43.05 you could make like ten wooden things to hit with, tell them to equip all and go to town, able to draw new one mid-combat as old one breaks (or just use a named one).

Not completely reliable early training, unless one has just 1 sky z-level↓ - fucking birds.

↓Could create interesting embarks with regionmanipulator; can still get fruits if embark isn't completely flat/one channels a z-level down. Also helps weaponize &s if buggy flying pathing is removed to help capturing them after sieges.
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Re: Mechanical Solstice Chronicle of 1x1 on crossroads
« Reply #8 on: July 16, 2017, 04:29:34 am »

I like this.
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Re: Mechanical Solstice Chronicle of 1x1 on crossroads
« Reply #9 on: August 01, 2017, 04:29:00 pm »

Thank you!
It will progress less quickly than successions, though, but progress it will.
(Jeez, thread has fallen off the front page.)

Also, part of the reason why things took so long: Figured out workshop layout for this fortress. Takes advantage of air biomes, which I'll have to be reshuffling a bit...

*There would be an image here but I only have 1 dwarf doing everything it's going to take a bit of time*

Now, looking over last post, after few days...

Well. First things first.

Should do another library test. Organizer, Record Keeper, Tracker (does the record keeping and observer training work the other way around), and I guess Poet, Pump operator and Critical Thinker while I'm at it.

And, hm, I wonder if there's much cross-class discovery potential with geographer and tracker/obsever (prolly should add to wiki?) both using record keeping? Not something I can test off embark, though, given it needs the dwarf to have preexisting knowledge of said fields.

With them prioritizing their highest scholarly skill for pondering, I dunno if reading about things from books is enough or if one would need to first make the geography discoveries independently, then train observer to higher level than geography, and then make the tracking/observer discoveries?

Well, testing first...

Oi. Where's tracker?

I guess nobody ever wanted to send a dwarf on embark with it. Don't really need another observer test, so...Hm.

I guess last two would be Siege operator (also in engineering subclass) and Appraiser (feels like should be, given the price books, though wiki says it is not)

Poet...should perhaps get all tavern skills, since forms cover those.

Now, testing...

Unexpected pump operator. Hm, noting 420 bookbinding exp right now...And it doesn't go up - they instead get equal amounts of experience in record keeping and critical thinking.

The critical thinker ponders medical ethics, boosting thinking and just that. And authors a poem: Night: The Future Laughs Afterwards. (Granting 12 wordsmith, but not writer experience. Dunno about poetry experience; everyone started out with some and didn't keep track. )


*glances at logs*

Oh right, I enabled announcement.txt to track normally adventure mode-only conversations.

This does mention dangerous beasts on other continents (cool), but is endless spam whenever someone has a baby.
(I particularly like "Life isn't fair, and sometimes you have to do what you have to do, but working toward a balance isn't a bad thing.")
(Tarantula fiends are so much more sophisticated and intelligent than my 7 scholarly dwarves!)

As for the others....

Interestingly, this is just diagnostican experience. I must say, this didn't jive with my exception, especially given the pump operator.


No boost to other skills besides mechanic.

Siege Operator?

Becomes a mathematician. Writes a novel at 470 exp/three seasons? in (didn't note when exactly I started library, but few months in, and this happened when 11th ended or so.It must Have Been Leper doesn't have anything to do with maths, though it granted 50 writer/12 wordsmith experience.).


Follows familiar observer/tracker/record keeping trifecta.


'tis be Critical thinking.

Oh. And interesting.

Fiendish ash, for the record, causes unconsiciousness, oozing, drowsiness and permanent blood cough. Wiki listed blood cough as non-fatal, but I guess it can kill small creatures when permanent. Only the puppies display blood loss, though, at their small body size.
(Though blood max seems to be linked to size_base, not size_current.)

Wait, no, dog became faint too. And died. 14th moonstone for fiendish ash, 23-25 for puppers, 4th and then 26th opal and 2nd obsidian for dogs.

Meanwhile, yak and donkey are almost completely fine.  (A different test later on showed over a season to kill a dwarf on the smaller side.)

You can see the pasture area, though

As for discoveries...

Yes. After four and half-ish years of pondering‼ (Also 12 books from 6-ish dwarves in that time(left the mechanic to handle food and drink instead), though half the libraries ran out of quires.

(resulting in Skilled (675/900) Observer, Competent (165/800) Record Keeper and Competent (165/800) Tracker for Avuz - hm, maybe they had some observer-only jobs? None of the other dwarves got observer, so they didn't see a fight.)

With no skill on embark for it, granted - heck, only the critical thinker actually uses their Proficent "library?" skill. (But is not the one to make first or second discovery, so it is less of a speed boost and more of a choice of direction. Next one was diagnostican/rusty record keeper ~three quarters of a year later.)

In conclusion, results as table:
Code: [Select]
Initial skill Actual topical skill

Organizer Machining
Record Keeper Diagnosing
Poet Observerving>Tracking=Record keeping
Pump Operator Critical Thinking=Record Keeping
Critical Thinker Critical Thinking
Siege Operator Mathematician
Appraiser Critical Thinking

Further Resesarch:
Pairing off each scholarly skill (other than Critical Thinking and Diagnosis) with Record Keeping and seeing if the dwarf starts pondering something that increases both.

Same, but with Critical thinking instead, since that skill gets the "Sage" treatment when combined with others. Might want to use 5/4 setup so that they don't pick critical thinking by itself over other skill.

Setting skill levels to something ludicruous with gui/gm-unit and seeing if that affects anything.

Logician vs Critical thinking - Logician is marked on the wiki as making a dwarf a Philosopher, but both mono-thinking dwarves thought about ethics, which wiki lists under the topic of Philosophy.
 What's going on there?
 - Hm, looking at string dump/raw and topics.svg, I would guess that philosophy topic splits use different skills. Ethics Applied Critical thinking, logic must surely be under logician, but others - epistomology in particular - are unknown.
A perfect result would show a skill combination that sent dwarf straight into epistomology (to write a book on the value of <belief>). In string dump, it's between ethics and relationship between objects and their properties

Enboldened, I decided to try boosting the populations, adding megabeasts and harpies and ogres.

To my great disappointment, region-pops can't boost populations of species one doesn't have. Furthermore, while running ``animaldiversity megas`` does do a thing in fort mode, the populations are not updated - I presume I would need to retire the fort, run the command, and unretire to repopulate the population list.

There's probably other ways, buuut I plan to retire-unretire anyway sometime, so I'll not look now.

Also, my recent arena-mode tests showed that dual sharp melee weapons work significantly better than weapon + shield when fighting enemies with armor and weapon. That means the squad setup should be changed:

Spear and Shield Keep.
Sharing 1-2nd performance versus buffed rocs with both dual and single weapon is definitely suggestive towards this, even if they're nigh-useless against iron men.
(I think this is because their deep penetration is useless if it penetrates unharmable gas, it's like trying to defeat a logia with stabbing.)

Sword and Shield   Sword and Sword.
Almost equal performance with shield and sword versus rocs (below average performance total), and shares first place with spears in dual-wielding category versus them.

Pick and Shield   Remains Pick and Shield.
Best weapon to dual even before one considers that pick moods give its' parries further advantage, but also second largest difference versus Roc. Mainly, I want to pick something besides spears to shield+weapon.

Mace and Shield   Dual-wielding,
as 'stars have terrible performance versus inorganic creatures even when made of best metals. If it was just rocs, it'd be #1 candidate to use with a shield - worst sharp performance with dw and only slightly worse than spears with shield. (Though I would want to run the trials a lot more times to be sure of the rankings).

Axe and Crossbow Remains same,
but should upgrade to metal crossbow once armor user is good enough. Other non-crossbow axe wielders will definitely dual-wield though, worst sharp performance versus Rocs, and only one who had dual wield outperform shield-users. However as a downside, fragile inorganics with ranged attacks require someone using a shield and not dual axes in front.

Whip and Shield Whip and whip.
While worst weapon to dual-wield of these six (though still ~50% better versus whip and shield), while better against sharper inorganics than stars, they're nonetheless terrible versus large beasts, leaving their role as fighting versus sieges and reanimating undead.

An astute reader will notice that I have seven, maybe eight arming setups for like three-four enemy types. Indeed, some are at least partly for the sake of having them, much like a library that focuses on the migratory behaviour of animals.

It also means that Aban Luslemmörul, level 5 shield user, won't be using shield and whip anymore. He shall be swapping with spears from commander, as mining is moodable - which, regrettably, causes demonstration pollution, which mining wouldn't cause, and wouldn't be any more likely to mood.







Ah damn it. This sacrifices two skill levels and the weapon from my most dangerous military, but Aban Luslemmörul shall be taking a pick from Sodel Zonlerteth. Who will be also dropping the shield, as that is not necessary anymore.

No maces or whips yet, so I only have to produce

Over 3000 duels to task making 1 training sword. *snrk*
That's cutting edge, baby.

Other tasks? Well. There's like a hundred teeth, over ground and in trees

...fuck hauling those, for now. In fact, going to mass-forbid the historical artifacts.
Expect 27 bronze bolts, bit later. Those might be useful.

Poults are going to be hatching soon, so should butcher mama turkeys before that.

A singular screw pump through 1z aquifer

 will do fine with hatch, a pumper and some drainage, but it's even cheaper to install windmill up top.

Injuries won't call ahead, so need to set up hospital

*checks inside workshop*

Wait, no.

I already have tons of soap.

In that case, might just task to ensure full quiver.

And, hm...

Better produce some doors for my cavern traps.

Actual sealing parts should ideally be fire-safe, but this makes good use of the Talented carpenter. And on second thought, someone else can butcher the turkeys.

Now, to let it run...Interesting - being 10 tiles from tavern, the wrestlers can see the performances:


Thought they would take mothers' pasture, but guess not. Oh well, I'll assign the entire 5x5 room as pasture. FPS doing fine at 120/capped.

Now, I guess I'll have to cook the unfertilized eggs before they rot...

But how?

I butchered all the gobblers earlier!

Incest? They shouldn't be capable.

Are the hens now permanently fertilized? 


*forbids the eggs*

I'm sure that will not cause me headache in no way whatsoever. Hm, I could set up an autobutcher to constantly slaughter 30-42 poults every season with just those three. Though they range from 100-160 cm^3 at the start of 5th month, from Cat and Guineafowl I guess they need to be around 1600 cm^3 big - should happen on average 7,5 months in, which means it needs bigger birds for this strategy, as in another season the second trio of eggs will hatch and the turkey population is capped - ostritches, perhaps, as they start out at 1800 cm^3 on average, yield more eggs and also produce gizzard stones.

Hm, this embark should be able to get some, there's several dozen of both normal and giant variation in region-pops...What flies around, anyway?

Though seems doggos did get into fights with previous wrens

Picked up and dropped, like a hunting sea eagle. Fuckin' rad wren. Wrad!?


Four migrants, and no exotic weapon preferences, though one did like spiked balls.

Welp, time to find better ones. Goal: preference for long swords, two handed swords, great axes, whips, pikes or morningstars. Granted, half of those require humans to wield - for dwarves, particular benefit is only derived by long swords, 'stars and perhaps whips.

On that note, in that light, should make armor both dwarves and humans can wear. Hyenas or cougars....

hyuk hyuk hyuk

*savescums 12 times*
"Edzul Konosbekom has useful preference"

Well, that was quick, less than five minutes. At average of 5,5 migrants per first wave, had to look at 66 dwarves?

Pretty great migration wave too, eight strong and has High Master Wax worker, Great strand extractor and Brewer, Talented and Expert Fisher (have infinite mussels), Accomplished Miller, Professional Animal Trainer...

Oh fuck me not. Accomplished Stone crafter to go with expert fisher. At least the strand extractor is also Professional Mathematician and Adept Logician.

Ah well. *makes 237 assignments in Therapist*

Next update: Making use of the nearly tenfold workforce. Hopefully FB doesn't wreck me gently.


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Re: Mechanical Solstice Chronicle of 1x1 on crossroads
« Reply #10 on: August 02, 2017, 09:43:58 am »

Brilliant !

I'll read it again at home where the firewall doesn't block imgur's screenshots :P

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Re: Mechanical Solstice Chronicle of 1x1 on crossroads
« Reply #11 on: August 03, 2017, 08:44:29 pm »

Oy yey.

This chronicle, nay, picture book without screenshots.

You must have been bit confused. It's not like I use spoilers to mark the images either - quite the interruption in the middle of text.

Though, might use |*image*| or [*image*] for when imgur dies. I guess the first.

The library is held by The Immortal Helm's mountainhome. I screwed up, by embarking as wrong civ. Nonetheless....I'm putting one dwarf out of 8 migrants straight to library duty.


Rakust Taranbomrek - Sharkwhips in our tongue - may not be irreplacable, but he hopefully will be able to teach his discoveries to an apprentice later on. For now on, he gets to just ponder on dirt floor with poultry (because military spar above on surface and contaminate with observer).


My own pondering comes up with a neat idea for building irregular floor quicker as well


Y'see, I designate larger area at once that it does let me build


Then shift-enter the material and q-x away the superfluous floors.

Still, building aesthetic floors is something of a make-work. A more important effort would be production of metal. Using magma, but first must make minecarts.


23 minecarts, to be specific. Plus lets say 7-8 steel weapons. The coal will be made entirely from highwood, with details menu.



I'm going to have mass-remove animal hauling, I guess.

And why does miner not mine...Because I made them a mechanic as well.
A job better suited for either valuable Edzul or miller Monom.

Monom it is!

Though Edzul does lack immediate jobs. Hm, somebody should cage those turkeys, and Edzul can practice arhitecture.


Dwarves love fps - wait no, monom should be making mechanisms. Right, I paused that to make vertical axles for screw pump power.

Some are still not busy enough, though.



Should tell him to construct a forge, I guess. And a stone stockpile for iron, economic flux aaaand I just recalled this embark has lignite.

Back to aquifer, did things in wrong order. First downward staircase, then hatch.

Time to deconstruct, and...


Uh oh


Wait, no, false alarm. All proceeds as I desire.


Content near waterfall? I'm through


Sedimentary embarks are nice


Once the drainage is set up, hatch can be unlocked.


it becomes time to trap cavern - without revealing it.


Good old roaddar helps me figure out where good places for floor are.


With this, though, one has to mind the ceilings. Large open vistas typically have walls high above; small tunnels are much more suitable.

Here in particular, the thing works across two z-levels, so remove up stairs/ramps designation helps slighlty to figure out potential trouble spots.

As soon as miner digs out a suitable space, front-facing ramped door is placed. Wood only, but it should still hold back most cavern wildlife and most FBs.


Though, it's an invition to gremlin/disaster letting in all the underworlds' evil.
They're the underground kobolds in that term; though opening a cage containing a cave dragon is kind of stupid for gremlin.

Bad for us, assuredly, but still.

On the surface,


the foreign poets might be a little lonely, despite


Masterful performance, no citizen listens? Might it be...


... that we are at war with Wickedness of Gold? Why do this human and dwarf know it?

Nah, I'm sure the dwarves are just busy.

Busy, busy...What's this my announcement window notices about being attacked?!


Ah, Giant Moth finally left.


Their panic seems overexaggerated, though. Doggos just sparring.


Fuckin' nutters.
Though looking on the wiki, hornbills are kind of cute, if useless.
Well, kinda short, but good place to save briely, lest hornbills turn out to hypotize all dwarves with their plumage.

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Re: Mechanical Solstice Chronicle of 1x1 on crossroads
« Reply #12 on: October 07, 2017, 08:39:49 pm »

It's been a while since I posted. Longer than I thought, but no time pressure.

Though, subtle difficulty to recall what I was doing


Okay, so, undead sieges. Hornbill men. Werebeasts? I need a wall.

But what colour? Already have green, blue, yellow for nice mix..Some red too.

Hm. Teal, cyan, dark red, yellow...Yellow seems best, but I do have fire clay handy, so I guess that for now. Which means a kiln.

...I also probably should have something to prevent caravans from exploding the moment they see the sieges. Ah well, walls will prob take care of it.

/ - - - - - - /

Laying multiz scaffolding, I notice the goblin blood has flied into the air:


Hm. That might be an annoyance. Well, lets see if rain cleans it.


It seems poultry is terrified of hornbill men. No job cancellations yet, thankfully.



Doggos might lose


and that's kinda wasteful =(

Placing the doggos to guard the cavern entrance.


As for building the wall...


Oops. Mistakes have been made. (cavein)


Though at least hornbill men finally left? ...Right, I left the males out,


hence the fight.


On the other hand, cavern traps have been made,


and magnetite been dug. Time to produce some minecarts.
Wish it could be sooner, but military training. And...hey....


Falling cherries. Autumn is here in few days.

Time for another undead siege, I guess. *saves beforehand*


I wonder if any of the sparrow women will die? They're became their own people, now.


I pre-emptively station the squad near map border


...And recall they still have training weapons >_>



I should probalby tell them to drop those and bring doggos up.


Okay, dudes are ready, there's at least 1 doggo, and ....








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Re: Mechanical Solstice Chronicle of 1x1 on crossroads
« Reply #13 on: October 07, 2017, 10:57:56 pm »

RIP. Also those are some creepy-ass dwarves you got there.

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Re: Mechanical Solstice Chronicle of 1x1 on crossroads
« Reply #14 on: October 07, 2017, 11:05:48 pm »

It's biolinum v3 :v

ikr about the faces. I'm used to them now, but at start they reminded me of a certain SCP very much.
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