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Author Topic: Fountainlures and the unded forgoten beast  (Read 400 times)


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Fountainlures and the unded forgoten beast
« on: March 15, 2021, 09:28:56 pm »

I'm a bit unsure about the exact events but here is the story any way the forgotten beast Basenfigul Eknarulthush came to my fort a huge skinless three horned theropod with a poison bite, since the thing did not have any of the really nasty things like poison blood or webs I was not to worried and dispatched the military to kill it.

This is where it gets a bit muddy the beast was killed and I'm not sure how but that is not important what is important is that one of my dwarfs close to the dead forgotten beast was a necromancer who promptly raised the beast from the dead making it rampage through the fortress ripping every one apart

The only people now left are two where lizards walled in to the old hospital, a handful of dieing dwarfs and the necromancer.