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Author Topic: Things that made you sad today thread.  (Read 5957753 times)


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Re: Things that made you sad today thread.
« Reply #119070 on: February 24, 2021, 10:08:25 pm »

I am really annoyed by industry cybersecurity requirements.  Doesn't really make products more secure, just 10x more difficult to develop and maintain.

I wish I could figure out how to codify my view of true security:  "True security is the situation where when an 'unauthorized person' has full access to data, etc.... they can't do anything dangerous with it."

Also side-sadness:  I think it's sad that "DRM" gets lumped in with the more legitimate uses of security.  For example, preventing remote control of autonomous vehicles is a legitimate use of security.  But forcing application developers to sign images for any change just saps resources that could be used elsewhere.  Requiring security keys for repairs or access to diagnostic data - that's just being a control freak.

It's why I hate those chip reader things they built into credit cards.  It's secure because even I can't access my money, because it doesn't work.
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